Practical Gardening


Whether it’s growing a few herbs in your kitchen or a vast garden, growing plants has so many benefits. I find that I can save money from eating them, avoid pesticides by growing them myself, and love caring for them everyday. Below I’ve posted a list of some gardening tips:

  • This is my favorite, regrow your food! That’s right, with the stems or seeds of plants, you can continually grow them, whether it’s fruitsvegetables, or even potatoes
  • Follow a calendar of when to plant
  • Rather than pay for a few seeds at your local garden store, try saving seeds from plants you already have
  • Utilize compost , newspaper, and mulch to never have weeds again with this method of gardening
  • On that note, try composting – it’ll help you stay waste-free and is great for the soil
  • If you don’t have room outside, you can grow some plants on your windowsill! Like an herb gardenpotatoesveggies, even bananas!
  • Finally, check out a few tips to help your garden thrive

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