Why Vegan?


  1. Because you can save the environment
  2. Because it’s easy if you take small steps
  3. Because being vegan is better for your health
  4. Because this lifestyle is accessible
  5. Because it’s the solution to global hunger
  6. Because you wouldn’t eat your cat/dog
  7. Because the cruelty inherit in animal agriculture should not be supported by your dollar
  8. Because $38 billion of tax payer money in the US goes toward animal agriculture, even though it’s hurting the planet and our health
  9. Because it’s part of intersectionality
  10. Because humane meat is not the solution
  11. Because tofu doesn’t cause breast cancer, milk does
  12. Because if plants have feelings, then deforestation due to cattle grazing is an atrocity
  13. Because slaughterhouses treat their employees terribly
  14. Because the pollution it causes makes the world sick
  15. Because vegan food is deliciousdecadent, familiar, and easy to make
  16. Because no one wants to eat bacteria like E. Coli or fecal matter
  17. Because dead zones, famines, and droughts can all be attributed to raising animals for food
  18. Because it can impede bodily function
  19. Because just being vegetarian, you still contribute to the problem
  20. Because you can be a stellar, record-breaking vegan athlete
  21. Because not only do your tax dollars make meat artificially cheap, but also millions go to killing wildlife to save cattle
  22. Because a whole-foods, plant-based diet can reverse diseases like diabetes and heart disease
  23. Because humans do not function optimally while eating an omnivorous diet
  24. Because people can connect to their roots since it’s true ethnic food
  25. Because the dairy industry exploits of the female reproductive system
  26. Because the egg industry does the same
  27. Because you can get cancer from consuming red meat
  28. Because with in the 21st century, we should see a fish-less ocean
  29. Because fish also carry high amounts of dangerous mercury
  30. Because those cute, fluffy chicks from the egg industry will be crushed to death, suffocated, or gassed if they are male (read: unprofitable)
  31. Because it’s a real trend, there are so many famous people doing it!
  32. Because you won’t wither up and die, you’ll get healthier!
  33. Because you can still have a burger with cheese
  34. Because you can finish that meal with ice cream
  35. Because it’s never to late to make a change – even if you’re 100 years old
  36. Because there’s a whole community of vegans all over the world
  37. Because you can still volunteer at your local soup kitchen as a vegan
  38. Because veganism is not a white, hipster trend
  39. Because you can make it as healthy or decadent as you want
  40. Because if you’re into new-age, going vegan is a consciousness-raising evolution
  41. Because it will open your world to a bunch of new media, like podcasts (my favorite is the Rich Roll Podcast!)
  42. Because if you’re a yogi, karma and ahimsa encourage veganism
  43. Because by drinking milk, you’re financing the veal industry
  44. Because encouraging other countries to adopt a meat-heavy western diet is a form of dietary colonialism
  45. Because you can gain a deeper appreciation for your relationship with companion animals
  46. Because animal experimentation is cruel, unnecessary, and pseudo-science
  47. Because animals are here with us, not for us
  48. Because increased compassion for animals leads to more for people too
  49. Because in our future it will become the norm
  50. Because you can do it! Sign up for the 30-day vegan challenge today!

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