Europe: A MasterList of Travel


Here is a Master List of traveling throughout Europe (also some countries in North Africa) given to me by a friend, and edited based on my own experience. I do not own this information, the authors were a few college students who studied abroad a few years ago, and has been updated ever since. Enjoy!





The Netherlands








Know Before You Go!

  • Student Visa: Get your visa You have to fill out a lot of paperwork which you will get directly from the BU programs office, but you should fill it out as soon as you get it and mail it in.  It is a steep price but there is no way around it.  You also have to set up a biometrics appointment to get fingerprinted.  Don’t wait until the last second to do it because its just annoying.
  • Books: Frommer’s, Ricks Steve Guide, Wallpaper guides (these are for cities they are very hip guide books), Lets Go (Europe and whichever country or city you go abroad -these are by students so they cater to a student budget), Lonely Planet, Dictionary if you are going to a place that speaks a different language (I suggest getting a “common phrases” one too).
  • Cell phones: Either rent one when you get abroad (your program will probably help with that) or bring an old one that you can put a sim card into. If you get a sim card abroad make sure you unlock your phone before leaving the U.S.  Many plans have free incoming calls and text messaging is cheap but to dial out of the country is expensive.
    • Use Google Voice and just Wifi to make free calls thorugh facetime if you don’t want to spend money on a plan/card
  • Bring converters and/or adapters and buy a few because they will get lost and you will need them.
    • Blow dryer/flat iron: you should buy one abroad (my roommates and I all split one); ones from the U.S will burn up unless you have the right kind of converter and its just easier to buy one in the UK
  • Money: It is VERY expensive to withdraw money from a cash machine that is not your bank. Either find a bank that doesn’t charge those fees (or reimburses you account-First Republic Bank does) or get a bankcard from the U.S that also has a branch where you are studying.  Make sure they have lots of branches and in convenient locations. (Ie: London is Bank of Americas/Barclays, Spain would be CITIBANK).
    • Banks in Euro have different hours (in Spain they close at 2) so be organized about exchanging money and stuff.
    • If you can bring travelers checks in euros, most places do not accept them, but if you exchange them at American express offices they can give you a student exchange rate and that avoids ATM fees, otherwise just use the ATM.
    • Using credit cards/debit cards results in an international fee… so you are better off using cash everywhere if possible (but we all know that’s not a realistic choice)
  • Clothing: Promise, your stuff will get ruined abroad. Don’t bring your fanciest clothing…H&M and Forever 21 are perfect. You should probably pack for all seasons (depending on where your studying and where you plan on traveling). Don’t stuff your suitcases because you will shop. Shoes must be comfortable because no matter where you go you will be walking a lot. I know you think that 2 bags for 4 months is impossible.. but people just get over wearing the same stuff over and over again..
    • I brought my Northface jacket to London but that was not really necessary; it is very cold so bring several different options for jackets but a good peacoat will do. However, other places you travel (Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Berlin) are very cold and you could benefit from a heavy jacket
    • If you are going to London, definitely bring rain boots. Don’t try to be cool for them… it’s wet 75% of the time
    • Wife Beaters/Converse are very expensive (everything else you can buy)
    • If you are living with a family in a home you are most likely going to want to

bring warm clothes to sleep in (ie. Long underwear)

  • Traveling bags: Bring a rolly suitcase and/or travelers backpack! Its much easier to travel on trains and multiple places with a lighter/smaller bag so don’t bring everything, pack lightly. Airlines in Euro also have stricter carry-on regulations (especially ryanair!) so make sure your bag is small (check on line at or Airlines will often charge if bag is too big.
    • It also is not that big of a deal to check a bag. It is worth the extra money to check a bag if you are going somewhere colder and need extra clothes.
    • Also remember that when you travel, everybody is packing. So one pair of shoes, one pair of jeans, multiple shirts, and a couple going out outfits is fine.
    • Bring a travel size of all the toiletry products you use and you can keep refilling them after weekend trips. You will pack mostly in carry ons and everything must be the small travel size in plastic zip lock bags.  They are very strict about this so I would make sure you have a travel size of the products you are used to ready to go.  Euroepan liquid restrictions are also different so make sure your bottles are the same.
    • Bring a good-sized backpack to use as a weekend trip/ carry on. Checking bags on short weekend trips is a hassle and going through security they only let you have one bag.  That means you need to have a bag that you can even fit your purse in when you go through security.  I also brought with me one of the Bagalini bag that is sturdy and folds up into itself and could serve as a longer weekend trip bag but can still be a carry on. You will also want a small purse to carry around with you while you are being touristy.  Big enough for a camera, water bottle, wallet, etc.
  • Other Packing Tips
    • Pack a regular size of all your toiletries that you need- there are plenty of pharmacy stores that you can buy replacements at when you run out so there is no need to bring multiple bottles of everything. However, note that they don’t have a lot of American brands so if you need specific types of shampoo or deoderant or are just picky (lets be real) then you should bring multiples.
    • Purses: no need to bring a bunch that will just take up a lot of room. I used the large longchamp for everyday things.  A smaller purse when I was going to places at night that could fit a cardigan, then a smaller nice place purse for dressy events.  For class, I just used my sorority tote bag.  Nobody really cares about classes here anyway.
    • Shoes: London is a walking city and comfortable shoes are key. I worse Sperry’s almost every day to keep my feet from getting tired.  A good pair of black flats is key because wearing heels will get tiring quickly. Wedges, bring wedges.
    • Bedding: You room comes with one set of bedding but I would recommend buying a second set at Sainsbury’s for less than 20 pounds that way you don’t have to do laundry as often. Also, you will probably want a second pillow.  They give you very bare minimum bedding
    • Bring something you can put your room key on that you will always have with you!
    • A good rain jacket and travel compact umbrella are very important items to bring!
    • Towels– you having to bring your own towels so I would bring one and then by additional towels there because they take up a lot of room in a suitcase.
    • Hangers– they provide some hangers and you can always ask the guys to take their leftovers since they won’t need as many.

               While Abroad

  • Traveling:
    • The earlier you book the cheaper it is. So, get together with your friends early, take a map, pick where you want to go and book it (make sure your not going to miss any exams!). is my favorite for cheap flights, but once you find a flight on that site go to the specific airlines website because it might be even cheaper.
    • You must always get there at least 45 minutes before a flight. If not they will not check you in so don’t even try. Also, tickets can never be purchased right before a flight; I think the rule is 4 hours.
    • Make itineraries for traveling, at best just write down all your addresses, ways of public transportation to and from the airport (cabs are slow and a waste of money take trains and buses), times that sights open and close and maybe a few restaurants if you are a picky eater.
    • com: The greatest website on earth for traveling! In the search box type the place you are goingàgo to forumsàand search for anything (restaurants, clubs, sights, transportation)! You can find reviews on accommodations, restaurants, sights.  I used it for everything.
    • Always use or just be sure to view in private mode on your computer or they jack up the prices
  • School: If you are in a program (CEA, IES, etc…) its usually a very big joke. The first day they will give you a list of books to buy, save money and split them with one or two people in each class to save money. You probably won’t even use the books.
    • Attendance policies are strict usually, don’t mess up or they will fail you.
      • *Hint: try and get a “chronic doctors note” saying you have migraines or something so if you need to miss school for an emergency and it’s beyond your absence date you won’t fail. This is something you should do when applying to the program.
    • Take advantage of field trips/organized trips and how knowledgeable your teachers abroad are—get to know them!
  • Laundry: Most apartment/residencies will have washing machines. But most do not have dryers. In Europe they hang their clothing to dry. This is not what we are used to and can therefore be a little annoying (your jeans and tanks will not shrink to normal). You have a few options: 1. Deal with it; iron your stuff after it dries because that helps. 2. Get your laundry washed (should be about 11euro for wash/dry per bag). /3. Go to a laundry mat and do it there, although those are seldom.
  • Rooming: always use Airbnb or, these are the cheapest




LONDON, England

Transportation: Fly British Air or Ryan Air- almost all discount airlines fly here so you should be able to find a cheap flight. There are three airports so make sure to look at which airport you are going to

Gatwick is about an hour from London so plan enough time. When flying in to this airport, take the trains to central London (17.90 Pounds); if traveling with a large group, it might be best to book a car from Gatwick.  If you are traveling between London and Paris DO NOT FLY… TAKE THE EURO STAR TRAIN EVEN IF ITS MORE EXPENSIVE

Hotels: Look on the internet,, this can also be used for all other places you are traveling to in Europe

  • Thanet Hotel- In Russell Square, cute bed and breakfast, good location

Difference between Pubs/Bars/Clubs – You have a handful of pubs really close to the Crofton and a few bars, you will have to get on a tube/bus/taxi to get to a club.

  • Pubs are open all afternoon and usually close around 11 and stop serving food a bit before that. They usually ring a last call bell when they are about to close. Definitely try the cider.
  • Bars stay open a bit later, have more music, are a bit “cooler”, and sometimes cost a cover.
  • Clubs open later but stay open later (Fabric sometimes stays open to 6 am) and almost always cost a cover (5-20 pounds). In terms of spending money it is probably best to drink in the Crofton or Imperial or a Pub before going to a club or bar that way you don’t spend a ton of money.  Drinks are 11-14 pounds.  A lot of places you can try to get the cover cheaper if you pretend to walk away (don’t walk away if you just wasted time in line).  The more popular the club/bar the less likely they will drop the price.  There will be club promoters everywhere always trying to get you into their club.  Do not follow them a distance, if you are standing near their club and they are offering a deal like cheap (5 pound) or free entry or free drink option then it is safe to go if it’s a group.  Always be in a group and ALWAYS know your plan on how to get home before you leave!


LaundryBoBo’s Bubbles is less than a 15 minute walk away and they do your laundry for you and do dry cleaning as well.  They have a price for small and large loads- I would just do one large cold load that way no colors would run and nothing with shrink.  It usually takes them about 3 hours to do it unless they are super busy that day.  It is actually cheaper to do it than to wait in the store and do it yourself.  You have to make sure you give it to them in a bag that you can leave with them that way they can fold the clothes back into it.  When I had small amount I just gave it to them in my backpack but when I had a lot I would fill my suitcase and split a cab (just 4 pounds and tell them to drop you off at Sainsbury’s which is just next door) with a friend and then I could just roll my suitcase back when it was ready to pick up. There is also a place around the corner from the Crofton called Launderette which is cheaper and quicker than BoBo’s. It is right next to the Italian restaurant on Cromwell Road. Either works, but there is more than one option

Sights -If you are just visiting London for the weekend, take a bus tour; it is the best way to see everything you can get on an off as you please.  If you are staying there for the semester, you should take advantage of social programs through BU and do a little a day… Don’t try to stuff everything together.

  • Big Ben (Westminster Tube Stop, Circle, District, or Jubilee Line))– there is no tour, just bask in its glory; get off at the Westminster stop
  • Blenheim Palace – birthplace of Winston Churchill, great for tea, go if you go to Oxford for the day
  • Brighton – hop on the train for the afternoon
  • British Museum (Tottenham Court Road Tube Stop, Central Line)– Home of the Rosetta Stone! Fabulous boutique hotel 1 minute away for afternoon tea- Free!
  • Buckingham palace (Saint James Park Tube Station, Circle or District Line)(see Changing of the Guards) – only open certain times of the year, get tickets online
  • Camden Market (Camden Town Tube Station, Northern Line)- Worth a trip for the endless shops & markets!
  • Courtland Gallery (Embankment Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit/Northern/Bakerloo Line)- Incredible impressionist collection
  • Covent Gardens (Courtland Garden Tube Station, Piccadilly Line)- really cute area, great shopping; A central area with fun shopping, dinning, markets, and the London transport museum
  • Design Museum (Tower Hill Tube Stop, but it is still a long walk) – there was a Manolo Blahnik exhibit when I was there)
  • Greenwich – hop on the dlr for an afternoon
  • Hampton Court
  • High Tea at one of the hotels- there is a place next to the four seasons that was nice and only 15 pounds.
  • Hyde Park (Knightsbridge Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – rent lawn chairs if it is nice out – 30 second walk from Crofton, great place to run in; good burgers at the café
  • Kensington Palace (High Street Kensington Tube Station, Circle/District Line)- see Princess Diana’s dress collection) – 5 minute walk from Crofton; when I went they had turned it into this weird modern art exhbit thing that was not worth the money… maybe it will change by the time you are here
  • Kew Gardens (Richmond Tube Station, District Line) – Large Gardens with really small cute town nearby
  • Leicester Square (Leicester Square Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – Clubs, pubs, theatre, food- you will come by this area several times a week!
  • London Bridge (Monument Tube Station, Circle/District Line)– not London bridge, they are two different things that are next to each other
  • London Eye (Waterloo Tube Station, Bakerloo/Jubilee Line) – huge Ferris wheel that lets you see all of London from above – do on a clear day, be ready to wait in line; really anticlimactic when you ride it, but I feel like it’s something you have to do once.
  • London Tower (Tower Hill Tube Station, Circle/District Line) -Crown Jewels, must do, perhaps when your family visits!
  • Madame Toussauds Wax Museum (Baker Street Tube Station, Circle/Jubilee Line)
  • Museum of Garden History (Victoria Tube Station, Circle/District Line, but a far walk from the tube station)- A quiet place to think that is free to students! Delicious banana cake!
  • National Gallery (Piccadilly Circus, Piccadilly Line) – Free! Will take several wonderful to see everything
  • Notting Hill (Notting Hill Gate Tube Station, Circle/District/Central Line) – go to Portabello Market on Saturday and Sunday
  • Oxford
  • Parliament (Westminster Tube Station, District/Circle Line)– tours area only on Saturdays but it is so worth it! 10 pounds for a student ticket and that gets you a 70 minute guided tour
  • Portobello Road Market (Notting Hill Gate Tube Station, Cricle/District/Central Line)- Go on a Saturday morning, it will be packed but will have endless amounts to look at (including Hummingbird Cupcakes and 5 minute walk to great Mexican restaurant); get a crepe! The nutella banana ones are out of this world
  • See a Broadway show (Mama Mia, Les Mis, Bombay Dreams, Blood Brothers, When Harry Met Sally, (with Luke Perry), etc.)(get discount tickets at TKTS booth in Picadelly Square)
  • Shakespeare Globe (Cannon Street Tube Station, Circle/District Line, good walk from Tube station though)– you MUST see a show – 5 pound standing seat available
  • Sir John Soane’s Museum (Holborn Tube Station, Central/Picadilly Line)- Home of famous architect, free entry first Thursday evening of each month so great!
  • Southbank Centre (Waterloo, Bakerloo/Jubilee Line) – if you get off at “Westminster” stop and walk across the bridge, you’re in Southbank. If you walk along the river you’ll find some cool places. like a graffiti skate park and a little sand “beach” right across from “gabriel’s warf”. I love the southbank. the actual Southbank Centre has free stuff all the time, so check it out.
  • Spitafields Market (Liverpool Street Tube Station, Central/Circle Line) – Open air market (food, clothes, anything you can think of) with lots to do nearby, only open certain days
  • James Park (St. James Park Tube Station, Circle/District Line) great to picnic in, in front of Buckingham
  • Paul’s Cathedral (St. Pauls Tube Station, Central Line) – attend a service on Sunday!
  • Tate Britain (Pimlico Tube Station, Victoria Station)– Free! You can take a inexpensive boat from Tate Britain to Tate Modern
  • TATE Modern (Cannon Street, District/Circle Line, good walk from tube station)– Free! Unbelievable collection, great top floor restaurant; my favorite museum. MAKE SURE you check out the “black box” located by the coat check…a lot of people miss it, and it’s something you do not want to miss
  • Liberty of London (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Bakerloo/Central/Victoria Line) – off of Regent street right before you hit Carnaby (also go there)…a well known London department store.
  • V & A Museum (South Kensington Tube Station, Circle/District Line)– 5 minute walk from Crofton – FREE!
  • Westminster Abby (Westminster Tube Station, Circle/District Line)– Great Audio tour
  • Wimbledon Tennis Museum (You can take the District Line to Wimbledon Park and then walk through the park)- Take the tube to the museum, walk around the park, and then take a short bus ride into the main town!


  • Aisa de Cuba (Leicester Square, Piccadilly Line)- 45 Saint Martin’s Lane
  • As Greek as it Gets (Earl’s Court Tube Station, District Line) – –  great little Greek place with inexpensive food that is delicious; we went for a birthday and it was the perfect place to celebrate; get the pita plate to start, delicious hummous and tzitzki
  • Ben’s Cookies (all over but closest to Crofton is High Street Kensington, Circle/District Line– 123 Kensington High Street BEST COOKIES; there are a couple of these throughout the city, really good cookies, our favorite was the oatmeal raisin
  • Blue Bird – 350 Kings Rd, no tube station is close to it
  • Byron ­–Delicious burgers; I never went to Byron, but people who have been to Byron prefer GBK
  • Café Forum – Cromwell Road on the way to class – super great breakfast/coffee spot before or during class. you get a free crossiant with coffee before 11am!
  • Café Pacifica– gets really popular during night time. good margs and everything else Mexican. Fun place
  • Churchill Arms (Notting Hill Gate Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit/Central Line) 119 Kensington Church Street – near Notting Hill. The back of this pub is a Thai restaurant with really, really good Pad Thai
  • Crazy Homies (Westbourne Park Tube Station, Circle Line) – 125 Westbourne Park Road- great food, good price, good tequila. super cute little venue, and funny old “dj” who plays games.
  • Gordons Wine Bar – 47 Villiers St, Oldest wine bar in London, outdoor seating when its nice, really cool/cute/cute boys go.  Closes at 11
  • Giraffe (Kensington High Street Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit Line) – 7-11 Kensington High St- really good hungover brunch here, make sure you get the potato wedges, they are amazing!
  • Harrod’s food halls (Knightsbridge Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 87-135 Brompton Road – you need to come here for lunch one day… the food halls are OUTRAGEOUS and basically have a really good version of every food you could ever imagine
  • High Tea @ the Montague (Russell Square, Piccadilly Line) – 15 Montague Street
  • High Tea @ The Ritz (Piccadilly Circus, Piccadilly Line) – 150 Piccadilly – book online and book early
  • Hummingbird Cupcakes (Notting Hill Gate, Circle/Distrcit/Central Line) – 133 Portobello Road – BEST CUPCAKES – must try red velvet; kind of like Magnolia in NYC
  • Il Borgo – Cromwell Road – The Italian restaurant across from Gloucester Arms is a good local spot. Get the gnocchi
  • Inamo (Tottenham Court Road Tube Station, Central Line) – 134-6 Wardour St – Also a place I didn’t get the chance to go to. It’s interactive and you order via touch screen that is built into the table. More for the experience than food itself, I think.
  • Kensington Tandoori (High Street Kensington Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit Line) – 1 Abingdon Rd – my mom has been going here since she was 12, and I’ve been here on every visit. It’s delish; ate here, it was good but I prefer khan’s
  • La Duree (Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, Piccadily Line) – 71 Burlington Arcade – if you don’t go to it in Paris, then there is a small shop in the “Baker Arcade” right by Picadilly Square. MACARONS.
  • Med Kitchen – 25 Gloucester road – 3 minutes away from Crofton
  • Muffin Man (High Street Kensington Street Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit Line) – 12 Wright’s Lane – Cute little tea shop. Not really a “high tea” place, but you can get a scone fix here.
  • Nandos– Cromwell Road on the way to class – amazing..spicy chicken stuff. Get a wrap or pita. the peri peri sauce is so good that I made my mom find it for me when I got home. Spicy rice, also a winner
  • Nobu– sushi (Knightsbridge Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 19 Old Park Ln – Good for a drink, food is really expensive; good for drinks. Good for food but really expensive, so id just go here for drinks if anything. Nice atmosphere, but also more laidback, chill, and an older crowd. There are 2 Nobu’s. the one I went to was in Mayfair next to Funky Buddha
  • Paul­– Cromwell Road on the way to class French..baquettes, quiche (gooood) and yummy sandwiches.
  • Ping Pong – it’s a chain, but it’s actually really good. Dumplings and stuff. They also have really cool/good teas.
  • Pret – BEST INEXPENSIVE LUNCH; its everywhere
  • Sandwich World – Cromwell Road on the way to class- you get a whole baquette for 2 GBP. and samosas for .75 GBP. can’t beat it. the samosas are really good and super cheap! Good as a snack during your walk home from the tube
  • Sketch (Bond Street, Central Line) – 9 Conduit St – regret never going here. their tea time is supposed to be really unique, Lara also like going there for drinks
  • SNOG (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Central Line) – 9 Berwick Street – best frozen yogurt
  • Sumosan (Piccadilly Circus, Piccadilly Line) – 26 Albemarle Street – 44 20 7495 5999 – good sushi
  • TiBits – (Piccadilly Circus, Piccadilly Line) 14-18 Heddon St – Vegetarian buffet. used to go here during work lunch breaks. super good! cous cous, YUMMY cheesecake, all different types of great veggies. I miss it/crave it
  • Tom’s Kitchen (South Kensington Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit line) – 27 Cale Street – BEST BRUNCH
  • Vital Ingredient – all over; in Hanover Square. THE BEST salad place in the whole world. It’s make your own salad kind of thing. They also have great tomato soup and smoothies. Used to get this for lunch during work EVERY day
  • Wagamamas – they are everywhere – great noodles and Chinese style food… loved
  • Well Dressed– good make your own salads for lunch
  • Yo Sushi or Itsu (both conveyor belt sushi places)

Bars and Clubs – sometimes they ask for id here, it just depends on where you go

  • Absolut Ice Bar (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Central Line) – 31-33 Heddon Street- expensive and you’re only allowed in for 30 minutes but its fun to go once and take pictures with the blue coats
  • Anchor pub (Cannon Street, Circle/Distrcit Line) – 34 Park Street – famous pub along the river
  • Aquarium (Old Street, Northern Line) – 262-264 Old St – expensive and overrated, there is a pool that you can swim in but its not as cool as you think but everyone insists on going there once
  • Archangel (High Street Kensington Tube Station, Circle/District Line) – 13 Kensington High St – nearby on high street a little more upbeat bar
  • Attica (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Central Line) – 24 Kingly St – fun club went to with people who studied abroad there
  • Bar Music Hall (Old Street Tube Station, Northern Line) – 134 Curtain Road St (East End) – definitely go here on a weekend… lots of the British guys we met would come here with their friends. It’s a pretty big place and there’s always a band and generally cool people
  • Big Chill Bar (Near Brick Lane, by Cafe 1001)- GO HERE FIRST. I REGRET NOT GOING EVERY DAY!  It was so fun, chill, bar/club/outdoorsy.  It is called the Big Chill…come on.  It is close to a lot of really fun places to go out.  Usually a long line but the line flies by.  Went there with 4 other girls- ALL of us found guys.  You can’t beat this.  Drink at Cafe 1001 first or get a drink from there and bring it in line.
  • BLC – afterhours places you have to know someone to get in
  • Boujis (South Kensington Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit Line) – 43 Thurloe St – Best on Tuesdays and Sundays –It really is not very ‘boujis’ – it used to be the spot to go but has gone downhill since, but it is where Prince Harry & co. used to go back in like 2002. Nothing special, I wasn’t a fan, but it was somewhere to go that was closeby. A lot of wannabe yuppies, but they can be entertaining. I met some j who’s family owned Guinness at Boujis so maybe you can find a husband here. right down the street from crofton.. A lot of pretentious douche bags like at every other club, but the dj was really good when I went; dance floor is kind of small but it is a fun place if you know someone with a table
  • Brompton Club (South Kensington Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit Line) – 92B Old Brompton Road – Best on Fridays and Saturdays my favorite club. This is the most exclusive one out of all the ones I just listed. It’s a young professional crowd so everyone inside is a real working business man instead of a foreigner spending daddys money (apparently you need to be referred by a member to become a member, and then go through an interview process because they want to make sure youre legit and fitting for the clientele they want, oh and apparently the membership fee is like 10,000 pounds or something fucking ridiculous). They don’t use promoters AT ALL because they don’t need to. Always super crowded. Guy to girl ratio is like 9:1 so I loved it since I was always the youngest girl inside. Great self esteem booster.
  • Bunker bar (Covent Garden Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 41 Earlham St) – in soho, lots of other bars and clubs near
  • Caffe de Paris (Piccadily Circus Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 3-4 Coventry St – one of my favorite clubs, really good music, generally a good/noncreepy crowd, if you tell them you are an American study abroad student they let you in for a reduced price cover charge
  • China White (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Central Line) – 4 Winsley St – I didn’t really like this place that much… it was kind of louge-y and full of pretentious rich people haha; great music, but expensive drinks (12.50; 4 pounds for water!
  • CHURCH – It’s basically a daytime club that only opens at noon on Sunday and everyone dresses up in a crazy costume and goes there to drink and dance and partake in all types of crazy activities. It was literally one of the best days I had in London. Look up the address… I think its near clapham and its easy to get to on the bus… just make sure you pregame a lot and wear something outrageous and then when you get there you can buy a bag of strongbow for like 5 pounds.
  • Cirque du Soir (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Central Line) – 12 New Burlington St- Best on Mondays – interesting concept of club. It is circus themed (surprise surprise) with midgets (which one of my friends kissed and is bbm friends with hahaha), snakes, dancers, etc. definitely a place to see and experience once if anything. They’re the best on Mondays but are decent on the other days also
  • Club 49 (Leicester Square Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 49 Greek St– in soho – small but often you can get in for free (many clubs have covers)
  • Cuckoo (Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – Swallow Street (off Regent Street) – Best on Fridays, also good on Saturdays, but Fridays are definitely their bigger/better night -. They don’t use promoters on Fridays because they don’t need to, but Ariel promotes here on Saturdays. Used to be one of the ‘best’ clubs but has gone down a little since. A little harder to get in than the rest I listed above because you need to be on someone’s table or have someone from a table come out to get you in. Only members can book tables upstairs, and downstairs is for non-members tables. Music upstairs was a little better, but if you go to cuckoo without a table then downstairs is more comfortable because there’s more space. A little too hectic for me though because it would get so crowded on Fridays where you physically would not be able to move an inch because it was soo packed. I had fun here most of the time.
  • Doubt – literally on the London bridge; kind of like a rave; don’t dress up like you are going to a club; it is definitely a converse and leggings kind of place
  • Eclipse (South Kensington Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit Line) – 111-113 Walton Street – this is probably the most popular spot on Walton street, it’s where everyone usually goes when they head to Walton street for drinks. More of a bar, but can also turn into a mini club because they play club-esque music. Great place to go with friends from around south ken to just have fun and enjoy yourself without dealing with a bunch of hassle (door people, members only clubs, etc) this can actually turn into a really fun night I highly recommend it, and all the locals around south ken/Chelsea area come here all the time.
  • Egg – afterhours places you have to know someone to get in
  • Fabric (Farringdon Tube Station, Circle Line) – 77A Charterhouse City – techno, techno, techno – try to get tickets online so you don’t have to wait in a giant line; Really intense club, only techno music, very Euro but there are 7 floors and its definitely an experience so you should at least go once.
  • Gloucester Arms – pub 3 minutes away! Also serves food!
  • Hung, drawn, and quartered (Tower Hill Tube Statin, Circle/Distrcit Line) – 26-27 Great Tower St – by the tower of London. Pretty much tbe best name ever
  • Imperial College Pub – across the street, inexpensive college pub; similar to going to an MIT bar; lots of boys but the majority are a little strange and awkward; Wednesday is sports night, which means the boys come to the bar after pracice; at 11 the bar closes and another room opens that’s more like a club; try the snakebite
  • Jak’s Bar (South Kensington Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit Line) – 77 Walton Street– a few doors down from Jak’s, the restaurant. Great ambiance to grab drinks with your friends to chill and talk. You can meet some interesting people here also. My friends and I always got a bottle of house wine because it was cheap (15 pounds) and yummy
  • Jalouse (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Central Line) – 17 Hanover Square – Best on Wednesdays) – fun place with interesting interior décor because the entire ceiling is covered with lightbulbs that flash to the beat of the music. The owner is always here on Wednesdays. He’s this little old black man – befriend him! His table is always the one towards the back next to the bathroom. The VIP section always has athletes/celebrities but I never recognized them since they all look the same to me. Ariel promotes this area and loves blondes so he’ll def love you (it’s the roped off section); my favorite one based merely on the venue
  • Jewel bar (Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 4-6 Glasshouse Street– fun bar with a few locations
  • Kensington Rooftop Gardens (High Street Kensington Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit Line) – 99 Kensington High St – I only went here once but it was definitely really cool. Make sure you go online and get on the list beforehand. They have a big dancefloor and really cool rooftop gardens with plants and even flamingos haha. It was too cold to go outside when I went but I feel like it would be a really fun place to go during the summer.
  • KoKo (Camden Town Tube Station, Northern Line) – 1a Camden High Street – Worth going to! They often have student nights. In Camden, it’s a huge concert venue/club and bands usually play there. SUPER fun; Only went here once but it was really fun… it’s a huge venue with a couple floors overlooking a stage where they always have a band playing. After the bands are done, they have a DJ.
  • Maddox (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Central Line) – 3-5 Mill St – Best on Thursdays) ­– went here almost every day towards the beginning. Probably best music out of all the clubs, reminds me of estate, lots of foreigners (but that’s the club scene in London in general, because most locals who have lived in London for more than a year don’t do clubs anymore). Most nights here are actually good so whatever night you go here you shouldn’t be disappointed, Thursdays are def their best nights though. Doorman’s name is Maurice and he is the VIP host, I rubbed him off the wrong way towards the end so he was a little bitch to me and made me pay cover once or twice. Be nice to him, suck up to him, and be patient with him. Come early in the beginning (I’d say around 1130 pm) and once you get to know Maurice better start going later.
  • Mahiki (Green Park Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 1 Dover Street – another popular spot. Everyone is all about the treasure chest drink. I thought it was eh ok; Definitely one of my favorite clubs. It’s a little expensive but really fun/cool so definitely worth it. It has tropical décor inside and a bunch of fun drinks. Lots of celebrities come here when they are in town… Chace Crawford and Rihanna were seen here while I was in London; only went here once so I don’t remember what nights are good, but it’s decent. If anything a place to see because its kindof cute inside. It’s the most well known for its treasure chest drink which is basically like jungle juice with champagne aka gets you fucked up before you know it; they play great music; definitely try to get in with someone with a table (that’s what we did)
  • Mother (Old Street Tube Station, Northern Line) – 333 Old St (East End)- really cool interior, lots of hipsters here but fun
  • Movida (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Central Line) – 8 Argyll Street – Best on Wednesdays ­– nothing special. I’ve given this place a few tries and have always been disappointed, but I do enjoy the free dinners before the club starts getting crowded.
  • Notting Hill Arts Club (Notting Hill Gate Tube Station, Central/Circle/Distrcit Line) – 19-21 Notting Hill Gate – one of my favorite places, it’s kind of hidden and is a little more grungy than a lot of the other clubs (it’s basically a huge basement venue) but they always have good bands and a generally young/cool crowd. Lots of hipster types.
  • O’neill’s (Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 33-37 Wardour Street – bands are always playing here; super fun when all your friends are there and black out drunk; cover band plays on the top floor which was the highlight of my night; mostly Americans/Australians/Irish; when I was in London it was a huge hangout for American study abroad students. Thursday is the best night to go. Really fun and always a lively group of people
  • Opal (Embankment Tube Station, Circle/Distrcit Line) – Hungerfood House – we had our end of the year party here only with the kids on my program so I’m not sure what the regular crowd is like here but it’s a cool place right near the river, might be worth checking out
  • Plastic People (Old Street Tube Station, Northern Line) – 149 Curtain Road (East End) – kind of sketchy, basement venue, lots of hipsters
  • Punch and judy (Covent Garden Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 40 Covent Garden Piazza– guy ritchie’s pub. I never actually went there, but really wanted to and hear super great things
  • Proud – In Camden… Sloppy trashy fun ***We went there a lot, go after midnight half cover and you can go to The Lock first.
  • Queen’s arms – pub 2 minutes away! Also serves food! Eat fish and chips at least once while you are there
  • Sketch (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Central Line) – 9 Conduit Street ok this is one of my favorite places so PLEASE go here in the beginning of your trip because I did not check it out until the last month. When you walk in, to the right is a members only room, but the rest of the rooms are for non members. Really really cute interior décor in every single room, the bathrooms you MUST check out and take pictures in because each individual stall is designed like an egg. So cute. Love the ambiance. Great place to get drinks.
  • Sports café (Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – New Zealand House, 80 Haymarket – Think frat party- beer pong, American music, and 7 pound pitcher on certain nights (go online to check out deals); fun to go there ONCE and only once; literally all of the crofton/American people; generally avoid; This is in Picadilly too… I didn’t really like it here that much just because this was another place with a ton of Americans but they have no cover and cheap drinks on Tuesdays.
  • The Light (London overground) – 233 Shoreditch High Street (East End) – looks like a warehouse inside, there were a ton of hot guys when we went haha
  • The Lock (Near Proud, Camden)- Fun, chill for drinks. Ideal location to pregame a bit before going to Proud, The Monarch, Kokos.  No cover and really cute guys on good nights.  Some dancing upstairs.
  • The Monarch (Near Proud, Camden, The Lock, etc)- SOUNDTRACK NIGHT. Enough said. Won a Silence of the Lambs DVD and made out with Australians.  Good time.
  • The Rocket (Euston Square Tube Station, Circle Line) -120 Euston Road- really good crowd here on the weekends. Really cheap drinks (because they put really little alcohol in their mixed drinks, so either buy a double or stick with beer/cider) and they have a little dance floor area (but beware, british people have terrible BO). Lots of college-age people hang out here… a few of my friends and I met guys here that we ended up going out on dates with
  • Tiger Tiger (Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 28-29 Haymarket– you will enjoy this place! Worth a visit!
  • Tramp (Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 40 Jermyn Street – Best on Saturdays ­– tramp is hard to get into, need a member to walk you in. I never came here, and I’m disappointed I never found a j to take me here. So I expect you to do me proud and come here for me!
  • Vendome (South Kensington Tube Station, Circle/District Line) – 103 Walton Street – was our weekend “go-to.” Good Dj’s come here and the floor lights up.. also have really cool tables/booths; Club with a rotating DJ booth. Good music, kind of euro-trashy crowd but can be fun. Drinks are kind of expensive.
  • Verve (Covent Garden Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 1 Upper St Martin’s Lane- in kind of a touristy area so you get lots of Euro people/American tourists but it’s a cool place with several floors and dancing
  • Walkabout (Temple Tube Station, Circle/District Line) – Temple Place – I never got a chance to go here but lots of my friends went and loved it. Apparently the best night to go is Wednesday. It’s more of a bar/pub type place so it closes earlier but there’s a young, fun crowd.
  • Whisky Mist (Not really accessible by tube) – 35 Hertford Street – Best on Tuesdays and Sundays – decent, but if you go here go to the VIP room to the left of the entrance because that’s where the party is really at – and you’ll meet a lot of people who are hooked up in the night life industry there.
  • Zoobar (Leicester Square Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 13-17 Bear Street – tons of bars/clubs in this area


  • Borough Market (London Bridge tube station, Jubilee Line) – FOOD MARKET. literally, I dream about this still. The “raclette” is a MUST. it’s a French dish that is potatoes with cheese they melt off the block. so good. and the cheesecake/all the pastries; AMAZING FOOD. HUGE market. You must get the raclette (it’s this simple potato dish with melted cheese over it). they also have great green curry here as well. Get a cup (or two or more) of sangria while youre at it. Good for grocery shopping also. Leslie highly recommends the vanilla strawberry jam. I always bought fresh pasta and pesto sauce here for pasta I made during the week.
  • Brick Lane Market – a Sunday morning market (they claim to end at 2 pm, but theyre really open until 6 pm) while you’re here, also stop by spitafields market since theyre 10 minutes away from each other and both just as good. Brick Lane Market has AMAZING food, and when you buy food as the stalls are about to close (about 430 pm) they give you great deals on whatever food they have left! Shopping is pretty good here also, I’ve found some great things. You just have to dig really hard. some of the stalls can be repetitive as Portobello market; The green curry here is AMAZING. There are 2 booths, don’t get tricked by the one towards the entrance because that one is not as good. If anything, ask to try it before you buy it!
  • Camden Market (Camden Town Tube Station, Northern Line) – 188 Camden High Street – In Camden. Has a lot of quirky stuff since Camden is more “downtown” I guess you’d say; huge. You can find stuff if you dig, but a lot of the booths just have cheap repetitive items so you have to keep an eye out for good items here.
  • Carnaby Street Shopping (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Central Line) – This street made the mini skirt famous and is the area that generated fashion styles to this day!
  • Dover St. Market (Green Park Tube Station, Piccadilly Line) – 17-18 Dover St – I never went here, but lucas says it’s one of his favs. I also have no idea what this is about. google it.
  • Google sample sales while you’re in London because I went to a bunch and got great deals on designer items while I was there
  • Greenwich Market – the market has good food..but also during this trip, go to the prime meridian..where you can stand on two hemispheres at the same time! great views of the city
  • Harrods and Harvey Nichols (Knightsbridge Tube Station, Piccadilly Line)- you can eat lunch at Harrods too.
  • Oxford Circus shopping (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Central Line)- Shopping, shopping and more shopping- don’t miss topshop
  • Portobello Market (Notting Hill Gate Tube Station, Circle/District/Central Line) – in notting hill. on the weekends, all the stalls are open. this is one of the best markets and is super popular. They have everything from food (delicious street paella) to antiques to clothes. if you go to the clothes section (which is at the end by the tube; stop)…GREAT FREAKIN FINDS. bought one of my favorite dresses there for 15GBP; in notting hill, so right in our area. You can take the 452, 52, or 70 bus right around the corner from Crofton to Portobello market (notting hill gate stop). Ive found amazing vintage jewelry here as well as my fur vest. They have some really good up and coming designers here with their own booths also, so you should definitely look out for those. You have to dig. And don’t forget the market extends all the way up to Ladbroke grove (I think that’s the name of the area). Ladbroke grove area has more stalls and they have better finds here. Some key places to look out for:
  • Spitafield’s Market (Liverpool Tube Station, Central/Circle Line)- 16 Horner Squre – shoreditch area. mostly a clothing market. they have really good stuff too and have food and restaurants; decent shopping, you can find a few things here and there. Worth it to check out at least once
  • Top Shop (Oxford Circus Tube Station, Central Line) – get off and look across the street- the bottom floor has vintage clothing
  • Urban Outfitters

DUBLIN, Ireland

This place is so underrated.  We had the most amazing time. Can be a little hard to get to though.


  • Dublin Bay– We took a bus out there and did a tour.
  • Dublin Castle (2 Palace St, Dublin 2)
  • Duke of Wellington’s monument (8 Parkgate St, Dublin 8) – In Phoenix Park
  • Guinness Storehouse Factory (St. James Gate, Dublin 8) – It doesn’t actually show you how the beer is brewed. It is more like a big Guinness store. It was alright, you get a Guinness beer.  It’s a super hi-tech display on Arthur Guinness and the making of beer- but you don’t see the actual beer….make sense?  They have a good restaurant with an amazing view of the city
  • Malahide Castle– We took a bus out there and did a tour.
  • President’s house (8 Parkgate St, Dublin 8) – In Phoenix Park
  • Peter’s Cathedral
  • Steven Green (gardens). This place is so amazing.    It’s right near the hotel where I stayed.
  • Temple Bar- Good shopping . It’s the college town.
  • Trinity College (Dublin 2) – It’s the college…hahaha. It also houses the Book of Kells.  This is the oldest book from monks.  I am blanking on the info but you should go.  The college itself is beautiful.  There is a chapel, be careful.  There were all these people going in, so Morgan and I went in— but it was a FUNERAL.  So, don’t go in.


  • Arlington Hotel’s club (Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2) – They had Irish music and live river dance. It was so much fun! We got trashed and watched. It was so cool.
  • Gogarty’s (58/59 Fleet St, 2)
  • Porterhouse (16-18 Parliament St, 2)– get chocolate beer and strawberry beer (really good)
  • Temple Bar area (Dublin 2) – every bar is busy and fun, make sure you bring your id because some of them require you to be 18 and others 21


  • Arlington Hotel (Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2)- 3-course meal and live Irish entertainment – we didn’t like the food selection but the show was great
  • Bagel Factory (2 Nassau St, Dublin 2)
  • Elephant Castle (18 Temple Bar, Dublin 2) – for breakfast















  • From Florence, take the train to Naples (about a 4 hour ride)
  • When you get to Naples buy a ticket (at the tabbachi shop – its 4 euro) for the local train to Sorrento (roughly an hour)
  • To get to Capri from here:
    • The ferry to Capri from Sorrento is 15 minutes (make sure you know the ferry times coming home from Capri because you do not want to get stuck there)
    • Rent a boat with your friends
      • A driver will show you all the grottos and take you around the island
    • To get to Positano from here:
      • You can take a bus there (Really easy to do people are friendly and will help you out), but we met a taxi driver who offered to take us there for a few hours at a great price
      • Taxi from Positano to Naples airport by Positano Holiday (+39338.4089525). Really nice driver, reasonable price
      • There are a lot of cute little shops (you can get sandals made right in front of you at a bunch of the stores)
      • Only need to spend a few hours in Positano and then you can easily take a 40 minute ferry to Capri



  • Caruso o Caruso (Piazza Sant’Antonino, 12)
  • Donna Sofia (Via Talagnano, 5) – 0818773532 – they provide a shuttle that will pick you up/take you back to your hotel
  • L’Antica Pizzeria De Michele (Via Cesare Sersale, 1)– best pizza place in Italy, really well-known and famous
  • La Lanterna (Via San Cesareo, 23/25)– amazing homemade pasta and bread
  • Pizzeria Aurora (Piazza Torquato Tasso, 5)
  • Ask your concierge for restaurants… They always have good recommendations!

CAPRI, Italy – go when it is warm out


  • Take the train to Mergellina (which is in Naples) and then the Ferry to Capri Hotel


  • Blue Grotto (80073 Capri Naples) – Coolest thing in the world
  • Chairlift – take it from Anacapri to the highest point of the island called Monte Solaro
  • Fotelina– private beach that you have to hike down to; you pay to rent mattresses to lie on; its so beautiful and worth it
  • Private Boat Tour – around the island because Blue Grotto was closed when we were there


  • Ristorante Villa Verde (Via Sella Orta) – 39 081 837 7024


  • The Underground
  • Zeus

CINQUE TERRE, Italy – go when it is warm!


  • Fly into Pisa and take the train to La Spezia. Take note that trains stop running around 11pm so don’t arrive in Pisa to late or you will have to stay the night.
    • Two nights is good, unless the weather is bad then just go to Florence or something because there is NOTHING to do in the Rain


  • Beaches – Monterosso
  • Nude Beach – between town 4 and 3 it says free beach on a shady wood sign; it’s a schlep but worth it; GO!
  • Hikes – if you stay in Vernazza, I suggest hiking from Town 4 to 1 (stop in 3 or 2 for frozen yogurt or lunch) and then get to town 1 to get a bottle of wine, chese and crackers and go watch the sunset; this all takes about 5 hours (more or less); then you can take a commuter train back to town 4; BUY A TICKET! Day two hike from Town 4 to 5 (longer and beautiful); then eat and lay out in town 5; you must buy tickets to hike
  • Portofinio – Take an afternoon trip here if you want. It’s a beautiful bay with very fancy restaurants and shops. About an hour away. Go to the Gelato place to the far right (if you are facing the bay) the hottest set of twin brothers work there


  • Ristorante Belforte (Via G. Guidoni, 42)
  • CYAK (monterossa)
  • Il Gabero Rosso (Via G. Guidoni, 7)
  • Gianni Franzi Srl – Albergo Ristorante Bar (Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 1)
  • Il Pirato – breakfast!
  • Ristorante de Sandro (Via Roma, 60)



  • We flew EasyJet to Pisa because it was the cheapest; Florence is a really small airport so flights there are rather pricey
  • Take a bus from Pisa to Florence; buy the tickets online because they sell out (16 euro round trip); super easy to take and drops you right in the middle of Florence
  • If you’re coming from inside of Italy, take a train they are so easy! And inexpensive!


  • Boboli Gardins and Pitti Palace – Other side of the Ponte Vecchio; it is where the Medici’s lived; the gardens are beautiful; go on a nice day and be prepared to wait in line
  • Duomo – Middle of the city; climb it – all 366 steps; it sucks but it’s worth it; I recommend doing it at the end of the semester, when you know the city well; take pics
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Piazza di Santa Croce – Lots of people buried there
  • Piazza di Santa Maria Novella – my favorite church; it houses the Trinity; right across from the Train station
  • Piazza le Michelangelo – this place is AMAZING; either cab it up or walk up there; its far, passed the Ponte Vecchio; it has an amazing FULL view of the city; I now call this view my happy place; it was absolutely beautiful and peaceful; bring a bottle of wine and enjoy with your friends at sunset. If there is one thing you do in Florence MAKE THIS IT
  • The David (Via Ricasoli, 22-red)Galleria dell’Academia; its literally 15 minutes; you walk in, see him, and leave; buy tickets before online to avoid lines because later in the day the lines are out of control
  • Uffizzi Gallery (Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6) Art museum; really nice and famous stuff! Worth going; closed on Monday and ALWAYS long lines so see if you can make a reservation before online
  • Via San Michele delle Campara – pronounced Mikelle; never went but have heard it is a definite MUST; it is a hil with the most amazing view of Florence; they have a very special but pricy restaurant but you can go just for drinks; supposed to be the most romantic thing in Florence



  • 4 Leoni (Via del Vellutini) – In Piazza della Passera
  • Angels (Via del Proconsolo, 29 à Go to Duomo, so the baptistery is on your right and the duomo is on your left. Make a left after this, make the next right.  Go straight all the way down.  On your right) – Very expensive but nice (kinda modernish).
  • Anna’s Bagels (Via del Ginori à Walk out of giglio, and walk straight. Pass the market make your first LEFT.  You will pass on your left an Omnitell store/phone store, a stationary store, CTS travel agency and on the corner will be a food store…its across the street on your right):  Good bagels and good turkey sandwiches
  • Ari’s Diner (Via dell’Acqua, 2r) – great American brunch
  • Ciro and Sons (Via del Giglio, 28-r) -The guy who owns this was on real world his name is joe-sep-i
  • Discopub Copocaccia cocktail bar (Lungarno Corsini, 12) – This place has a HUGE and AMAZING Salad bar, Sunday brunch, apparitivo
  • Fusion (Vicolo dell’Oro, 5-r) – went there for apparitivo ended up eating dinner too because it wasn’t enough food, fun to people watch and get drinks but not worth the prices for food, trendy fusion type atmosphere
  • Golden View (Via de’ Bardi, 58) (+39055214502)
  • Gusta (or Gusta?) Pizza – by Pitti Palace. Google it. Seriously. BEST. PIZZA. EVER. like.. EVER.
  • Il Ghibilini (Piazza San Pier Magiorne) – Good Veggie soup, and good pizza
  • Il Profeta (Via Borgognissanti, 93r) – chicken with cheese, gnocchi, veal in lemon sauce, spinach
  • La Giostra (Borgo Pinti, 12)– IF YOU GO TO FLORENCE AND DON’T GO HERE, YOU ARE ACTUALLY MAKING THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE (amazing pasta w/truffles, pear pasta, pasta w/brie cheese) WE LITERALLY CRIED OVER HOW GOOD THIS FOOD WAS. Unreal buratta appetizer, prosciutto mozaraella appetizer, gnocchi with spinach, goat dish, complimentary appetizers and champagne… ASK THE WAITER WHAT HE RECOMMENDS, YOU WONT REGRET IT. And look for our picture on the wall
  • Lorenzo de’Medici (Via del giglio, 49-51r) – good white beans, grilled/steamed vegetables, pizza; We would eat here in between classes some days
  • Mago Merlino Tea House – (via de Pilastri, 31/r) Apparently you need a membership but we just wandered in and had BOMB chai tea. We made friends with the owner he is the coolest man ever and he read our palms
  • Oil Shoppe (Via S. Egidio, 22R)
  • Osterai del Gatto e la Vlope (Via Ghibellina, 151r) – have the best tomato/mozzarella, minestrone soup, penne alla vodka. The bread and balsamic are amazing.
  • Osteria Dell’ Agnolo (Borgo San Lorenzo, 24 à Walk to the duomo. Stand between the Duomo and the baptistery.  Stand with your back facing Gucci and the Ferrari teddy bear store and the bar next to Gucci (which is a good bar).   Walk forward.  Down the street where the open markets are.  Agnolo will be on your left across from BATH AND BODY WORKS.  It is next to a really cute clothing store)– The most amazing Penne with chicken and broccoli.  They have great pizza and any pasta that you want is great.  They have really good RIBOLITA also.  Ribolita is like minestrone with bread in it, it’s amazing.   Agnolo also has HUGE plates of food, so go hungry! It’s amazing.
  • Osteria Tres (3) Panches (Via Antonio Pacinotti, 32r): (pronounced Panke- stands for three benches) recommended by people who live there. There are only three tables in the restaurant, some people said it was their favorite place; if you don’t want to see anyone you know go there
  • Pizzeria de Pepe (Via Pacinotti, 5r) – good soups and good for lunch
  • Ristorante Acqua al 2 – (Via Della Vigna Vecchia à Go to Duomo, so the baptistery is on your right and the duomo is on your left. Make a left after this, make the next right.  Go straight all the way down.  You will pass Angels and Yellow Bar on your right.  Turn left….its on your left hand side) – 39 055 284 170 –  I think it is over priced, but people LOVED IT.  They have a good pasta and salad sampler (balsamic/blueberry stake).  Go on Wednesday nights before Full up.
  • Ristorante Beccofino (Via Alessandro Scarlatti 1) Good to go with your parents. Expensive and trendy but not worth it; tues night ½ off wine night
  • Ristorante Buca Mario (Piazza degli Ottaviani, 16-r) – Kind of expensive so you might want to go with your parents, but so good!!!!!
  • Ristorante Danny Rock (Via de’Pandolfini, 13r) – Good American Food…good Greek salad and fries!
  • Ristorante Gusto Leo (Via del Proconoslo, 8r) – You can make your own salads. Good for lunch and cheap
  • Ristorante Il Latini (Via del Palchetti, 6) – 39 055 210 916 – This place is so much fun. Go in large groups.  They get you WASTED.  You don’t get to pick your own food, but it’s amazing.  Negotiate for cheaper price (we got it from 35 to 30 euro)
  • Ristorante Mamma Gina (Borgo San Iacopo, 37) – 39 055 213 908) – They have such good Eggplant Parm and chicken parm. People LOVED it.
  • Ristorante Sasso Di Dante (Piazza delle Pallottole, 6)– Little restaurant right near the Duomo
  • Ristorante Trattoria Osteria L’Antico Noe (Volta di San Piero, 6-red à To get there: (its on Volta Di San Piero) Walk to the Duomo (the corner of it where GUCCI is) if Gucci is on your right you will walk STRAIGHT. Pass the duomo on your left and then cross over a street called Proconsolo.  Keep walking.  You will pass a garden type thing on your left and bagel place (which has great bagels) on your left.  On your right, you’ll pass a clothing store, and a shoe fixing place.  You will come to a weird fork in the road.  TURN RIGHT- it’ll look like you are turning into an alley type bridge thing.  On your right will be a Mexican joint that some people liked for falafel and shit- but I don’t like that. Antico is on your left) – This place has amazing sandwiches.  You can pick any ingredients you want and they taste like a good sandwich from a NY deli. The owner is American and her name is Linda she is great. Volta di san piero, 6r (in the arched alleyway)
  • Roses (Via del Parione, 26r) – Good Sushi
  • Tijuana ristoranta messicano (Via Ghibellina, 156-r) – frozen margaritas, nachos with cheese and guacamole
  • Trattoria 13 Gobbi (Via della Porcellana, 9) – special rigatoni, eggplant parmagania
  • Trattoria Baldovino Di Gardner (Via di San Giuseppe, 22) – Great soup, pastas, and salads. They change the menu every month. Good for lunch and dinner.
  • Trattoria Borgo Antico (Piazza di Santo Spirito, 6) – great salads, pizza, seafood platter-loved it here
  • Trattoria Mario (Via Rosina, 2)- only open from 12-3 real Italian style
  • Trattoria Pandemonio (Via del Leone, 50 r) – This place is great to take your parents
  • Trattoria Quattroleoni (Via de’Vellutini, 1r) – great pear pasta/ reasonable prices
  • Trattoria Sostantza Troia (Via della Porcellana, 25) – oldest restaurant in Florence; chicken with butter, strawberries for dessert
  • Trattoria Za Za Di Bondi Stefano (Via della Stufa, 25-r à It is right behind the leather market. Go to the markets and ask people where it is…. Or to be more specific, go to the corner where the very EURO trendy clothing store is, turn down the alley across from it, it’ll be on your right.) – Great Ribolita and omelets.  GOOD chicken and amazing brochette
  • Yellow Bar (Via del Proconsolo, 39) It has good American food


  • Amadeus (Via de’ Pescioni, 5) – Good for outside when its warm!
  • Andromeda (Piazza de’ Cerchi, 7a) – club and bar
  • Astor Café (Piazza del Duomo, 20) – it’s right near the duomo, you will recognize it – there is a big orange clock in the window; good frozen drinks and great Bellini’s
  • Bar Tabacchi Robin Hood (Via Pesciatina, 242) – It’s over by Antico Noe; It’s a lot of fun on Monday nights
  • Discoteca Central Park (Via del Fosso Macinante, 2) – Amazing when it’s warm. Completely outside!! Dance floors everywhere.  Must taek a cab.  There is a ferris wheel there
  • Ebby’s – near Antico Noe – great drinks! They put fresh fruit and ice in their drinks
  • Full up (Via della Vigna Vecchia, 25r) – Wednesday nights!
  • JJ’s Cathedral (Piazza San Giovanni, 4/r) – Good American burgers and beer. Fun late night; at the duomo
  • Space Electronica S.R.L Discoteca (Via Palazzuolo, 37) – By the train station; late nights on Tuesday; It’s like a bat mitvah
  • The Lion’s Fountain Irish Pub (Borgo degli Albizi, 34r)By Antico Noe
  • A.B (Via de’ Sassetti) – I hated this place, but everyone LOVED IT. Monday nights.  Dance club.  Very east coast.


  • 14 ounce (Via Panzani, Via S. Antonio, Borgo S. Lorenzo) – great jeans
  • Foto Locchi (Via del Corso) – This place has great sunglasses and also developed PICTURES; it’s near ANTICO; The owner is Erika, she is the swetes; you get 20% off for being a student
  • Leather Market – great for leather, pashminas and belts. BARGAIN!! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING WITHOUT BARGAINING
  • Madova (Via Guicciardini, 1r) – 39 055 2396526 Great leather gloves; across from the Ponte Vecchio
  • Massimo Leather (Borgo la noce, 13r) – 39 055 218 634- get your leather jacket here; give you great deals and the people there are so nice; made some of my friends leather jackets personally for them and shipped them back to London for them, all for 180 euro
  • Outlets – Take the train from Florence to Rignano Sull’Arno (around 30 minutes); vans will shuttle you to the outlets from the train station
  • Ponte Vecchio – gold jewelry
  • Teriboni – Prada Gucci, Tods, Louis Vuitton, Lacost, Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, Tiffany’s, Ferragamo, etc
  • Vinci – Rhonda and Chico are the owners; they are very helpful with stuff around Florenc
  • e, we were friends with them, they were fun! Good place to buy leather 0 I think it has some of the best prices and great quality


  • Frozen yogurt/Gelato
    • Baby yogurt – similar to pinkberry but not as tart
    • Gelateria Artigianale (Piazza del mercato centrale, 41r) – homemade gelat
    • Grom (Via delle oche 2)– right near the Duomo
  • Secret Bakery
    • Right near Santa Croce
    • Open from like 2-6 am
    • Bake all of the pastries for the cafes in and around Florence
    • You go and knock on the door and they let you com in and pick out what you want
  • Things around Town
    • Pictures: Foto Lochhi
    • Food stores
      • Mercado Centrale is the main Italian large super market. There are butchers etc everywhere!  Fresh fruit and GREAT dried fruit upstairs.  You have to have a strong stomach to go in there!
        • To get there: It is right near Za Za and Behind the Leather Markets.  Follow a leather market and you will end up there. It has a HUGE RED ROOF and looks like a barn
      • EL CENTRO –It is American, but doesn’t have all that much. IT IS right across from Anna Bagels on Via Ginori
      • Standa – AMERICAN food store. It has the most Americanized stuff. This is over by Antico Noe (check above for directions).   You should bring a bag or something because you have to bag and carry your own stuff.   And for some of you, it will be far from your apt.
    • Travel AgentCTS- This was my favorite. (I used Valeriano he is so cute!)  You need a student international card.  There is usually a line, so go early.  They can book EVERYTHING FOR YOU.  They get cheap flights, but sometimes they are lazy so make sure they check everything!
    • NailsMix evolution – via del giglio, 33/35r (+39055219683) – Recommend going there and making your appointments in person because there is a little language barrier
    • Waxing and Tanning – Le Vanita – (Near Piazza Republica on Via porta rossa, 55r ) – 39055290167- They also sell beauty products here – it is where we bought all different kinds of lo bello and even shampoo/conditioner
    • Laundry – Lavanderia Manfredi (Piazza del mercato centrale, 36r – do wash/fold and dry cleaning
    • Doctor (Via Lorenzo il magnifico, 59) -We all got sick in the beginning and had to go to this doctor and she actually spoke English and knew what was going on

MILAN, Italy

  • Take the train from Florence it is only a little over an hour ride.
  • Only stayed in Milan for one night because you can see the whole city in literally one day.


  • Make sure you see the Duomo and you can make a reservation to see the Last Supper too
  • Lunch – really cute restaurant in the nice enclosed shopping area near the Duomo (I think it is called Savini)
    • It is diagonal from the Mercedes store and across from McDonalds
  • Some of our friends ate lunch at Charlestan (it is a pizza place)
    • Piazza del liberty, 8
  • Dinner – Nobu Milan

PISA and LUCCA, Italy

A few hours maximum! Only stay the night if you have to!!

  • We spent a full day and a night in Pisa seeing the Leaning Tower and some other little things around the area and then went to Lucca the next day (another small town in Tuscany) where we rented bikes and rode around the city
  • The ticket from Pisa to Lucca is like 4 euros and is only 15 minutes…it’s really easy
  • So much fun, I definitely recommend.
  • Lucca is beautiful

We flew into Pisa, spent the night and took an early train to Florence in the morning.

  • We stayed at a sketchy hostel I won’t even tell you the name
  • Get a map… The good streets to walk around on are called Via S. Santonio, Coroso Italia,via borgo Stretto, We found a cool outdoor art market on via L coccapani by Via palestro
  • DINNER: go to La Ghiotteria in piazza Garibaldi… SO GOOD


ROME, Italy – take the train from Florence (only 90 minutes)


  • You can walk a lot of places
  • No subway system really – It SUCKS always super crowded
  • There are buses but they can be a little confusing
  • There is a direct train to the airport from the Trastevere Train Station – it runs about every 15 minutes and is really convenient (much cheaper than a cab).
  • Fly to most places outside of Italy
  • **Suggestion**– if flying out of Da Vinci airport it is about 40 mins away from the center city, make sure to leave enough time to get to the airport or you may even want to stay your last night at a hotel close to the airport if you have an early flight… also you can usually get a shuttle to the airport, if you ask your hotel in advance they can arrange it, taxis are more expensive and they go up in price at night and if you call for them….


  • All the churches
  • Borghese Gallery (Piazzale del Mueso Borghese, 5)
  • Campo de’ Fiori (Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, 1)
  • Circus Maximus
  • Colosseum and the Roman Forum (you can do theses together)
  • Jewish Temple & Ghetto
  • Borghese Gardens
  • Key Hole View of Rome
  • Pantheon (Piazza della Rotonda, 12)
  • Pia
  • Piazza Navarona – go to Tre Scalini and get the tartufo- they invented it here.
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Spanish Steps (Piazza de Spagna) – also a good area for a hotel/hostel
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Climb the Basilica
  • Vatican City & St. Peter’s Basilica (make sure you set aside a day to see this its amazing…you HAVE to go see the Sistine Chapel–get there early!!)


  • Al 34 (Via Mario de’ Fiori, 34) – near the Spanish Steps
  • Taverna Trilussa (Trilussa Sqaure, Trastevere, expensive but WORTH IT!)
  • Dar Poeta– best pizza in rome, good for lunch (trastevere)
  • Da Ghetto– Restaurant in the jewish ghetto, nice to eat in the main jewish sqaure
  • Gioliiti & Old Bridge Gelateria– two best gelatos in the city
  • Cul De Sac– perfect for lunch, by piazza navona (get the red lentil soup!)
  • Antico Arco- best bread, near trastevere
  • Aristocampo– good for on the go, make your own paninis (multiple locations), one in piazza la scala, trastevere
  • Agusto– get there right at 8 or else the line gets long! best ravioli..
  • Casetta di Trastevere– reasonable and GREAT
  • Al Tre Scalini (Via Panisperna, 251) – when the weather is nice, this place is great because it is outside in Piazza Navona
  • Due Ladroni (Piazza Nicosia, 24) – Ate there with my parents
  • Fontanone (Piazza Trilussa, 46) – in Trastevere
  • Gelateria della Palma (Via della Maddalena, 19) – near the
  • Gusto (Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 7) – make reservations for downstairs; nicer pizzeria, and upstairs is upscale food, looks like it should be in the meat packing district of NY, go with a bigger group, its kind of hard to find so if you make reservations find out how to get there too.
  • Heartbreak Café (Piazza Campo de’ Firori, 53)
  • Hostaria del Moro da Tony (in Piazza Trilussa on Vicolo de Cinque) – we went there at least once a week
  • Insalatta Rica (one in Trastevere on Via G.C. Santini and one near the Vatican, also one off of corso Vittorio emanuelle) – any kind of salad you want, all over the place…really good for lunch, there are a lot all over
  • La Carabonara (Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, 23)
  • La Scala (Viale del Parioli, 79)
  • Maccheroni (Via Campomicciolo, 247/B, Terni (TR) – 39 0744 271906)
  • Ninos (Piazza di Porta, 4) – lunch place right by the bottom of the Spanish steps
  • Ombre Rosse (Piazza di Sant’Egidio, 12) – such a good café
  • Oranges Café (in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere) – good fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Pizzeria San Calisto (Piazza di San Calisto, 4) – THE BEST PIZZA PLACE in Trastevere
  • Ristorante 3 Scalini Gest (Piazza Navona)
  • Shaki Wine Bar (Via Mario de’ Fiori, 29) – great for lunch
  • Ukiyo (Via di Propaganda, 16) – sushi
  • Yogo Fruit (in Trastever–yogurt that you can mix all different toppings in – fruit, cereal, candy, etc.)


  • Flake’s (Via della Scala, 45) – bar
  • Friends (Via della Scrofa, 60) – bar
  • Stay Irish Pub (Via della Lungaretta, 81) – bar
  • Drunken Ship (Piaza Campo de’ Fiori, 21) – bar; big abroad hangout, really fun and a lot of Americans
  • Sloppy Sams (Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, 10) – bar; big abroad hangout, really fun and a lot of Americans
  • Euro Shot Bar– Campo Di Fiori, euro shots! (great pre game)
  • Mad jack (Via Arenula, 20) – bar
  • Supper club (Via de Nari, 14) – on Mondays – bar
  • Dune (Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, 52) – club
  • Grottapinta Lounge Roma (Via di Grotta Pinta, 12) – club; near Campo di Fiori
  • Gilda – club
  • La Masion– club
  • Shari Vari– club
  • Babel– club
  • Art Cafe– club
  • They have a lot of pub crawls, don’t do the Colosseum one… They bring you to the sketchiest clubs at the end (don’t fall for the free pizza and tshirt, while cool, not worth it!) Go on the one that brings you to the Highlander first (its a bar) they meet at the bottom of the Spanish Steps. Its legit. I think its called Pub Crawl Rome.


  • Campo di Fiori – cute boutiques that sell a lot of Miss Sixty and D&G
  • Petite Bateau (Via della Croce, 45)
  • Sermoneta (Piazza di Spagna, 61) – sells leather gloves
  • Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna) – like Rodeo Drive– Fendi and Tods are on a side street
  • Via del Corso – has a lot of cute little stores too (especially for sneakers); Diesel and Miss Sixty stores are on this street
  • Brandy Melville– trendy, amazing clothes for a good price. There is one in the united states, but it started in rome so they are everywhere and AMAZING! a must go (Now theyre all over US)

VENICE, Italy – It is really a romantic city! Its Beautiful…bring a good camera and lots of film! You only need 1 or 2 nights there.  Take the train from Milan to Venice – so easy! When you get off at the train station in Venice you are literally surrounded by water and you have to take a water taxi to get anywhere.  We didn’t know which public taxi to take to our hotel so we took a private one which was around 50 euro


  • Hotel Canal (Santa Croce, 553) – near the train station
  • Hotel San Marco (San Marco, 877) – small rooms and kind of smelly, but it does the job
  • Everything is really expnsive, you can stay a little outside the city and it’s easy to get in every day


  • All the churches
  • Glass Factory
  • Gondola Ride – cheapest right outside of Hard Rock Café
  • Guggenheim Museum (Palazzo Venier del Leoni, Sestriere,Dorsoduro 701)
  • Jewish Ghetto/Quarter – the oldest standing Jewish Synagogue
  • Murano, Burano, Tortello – take boat to go to these isalnds; they are really cute and fun to walk around
  • Marks Square
  • Just walk through the streets


  • Gam Gam (Cannaregio, 1122) – in the Jewish Ghetto; goot matzo ball soup
  • Harry’s Bar (Calla Vallaresso, 1323) – it’s a famous site and worth eating at; the orginal home of the Belini.. order one! It’s very expensive; five of us went there and our bill was over 500 euro so be careful; go there for Bellini’s because it is well worth it, very fancy, has dress code


  • Most of the big stores are here
  • Glass (good gifts)
  • Cute jewelry stores too


  • Book a tour with a guide, also recommend you climb Vesuvius while you’re there! Day trip from Naples, can be reached by bus 30 mins from the city












  • From the airport take the A1 (blue Aerobus) to either Plaza Espana or Plaza Cataluyna and from there take the metro to nearest hotel stop (5euro total).
  • Ryan air flys here super cheap
  • Stay at any of the Sant Jordi Hostels... Clean, super cool, super young, good locations, nice staff!


  • Cable Car Ride– from Montjuic: (Metro: green or purple line to Paral.lel).
  • Casa Batllo – (Passieg de Gracia, 43) Gaudi house, Right by all the shopping if you want to kill two birds with one stone. So fucking cool.
  • Casa Mila (Gaudi House)- in L’Exaimple (Metro: Diagonal). – don’t bother paying to go in
  • Chocolate Museum
  • Go to a soccer game!! So fun
  • Las Ramblas– This is the main street in Barcelona. Lots of street performers and people selling flowers and animals on the side. Be careful this is a haven for pickpocketers and especially be careful at night.
  • MACBA/CCCB – Contemporary Art Museum and international hang out for skateboarders. Its in the Ravel so walk from Ramblas.
  • Montjuic-“Mountain of the Jews” with the Cataluyna art museum and Olympic Stadium (Metro: Placa Espana)
  • Museu Picasso– all of Picasso’s work in El Born.
  • Park Guell (Guadi’s park)- Take the green line to Lessep then follow signs to Parc. Walk all around and get Sangria! – be sure to buy tickets to the bench area and be prompt, they won’t let you in if you’re late! And be sure to go to the highest point in the park for a great view of the city
  • Port Area– right on the beach
  • Sagrada Familia Church– Take the purple line to Sagrada Familia (not necessary to go up the elevator if you have been or are going to Parc Guell). WORTH THE WAIT
  • The Boqueria– Huge open market off Las Ramblas. Don’t buy anything in the front because its 3x’s more then stuff further in. Get a 1euro smoothie!
  • The Zoo/Parc Cuitidel – A nice park and zoo, this used to be the house of the only albino gorilla, Snowflake. Renting bikes and going around the parc and into El Born if nice.

Restaurants – Spain has something called Menu del Dia (Menu of the day) a set price for three courses including a drink. It is always a better deal and it’s fun to walk around and read what different restaurants are offering for the day. Dinner is never before 9pm, most commonly people eat around 10pm at night.

  • Bella Napoli (C/De Margarit, 12) – Pizza place in an ally in Poble Sec. The men who work there are so nice and the pizza is amazing! Kind of hard to find so google it.
  • Brunch And Cake: YOU MUST GO!!! One of the best meals I had abroad, it serves brunch all day! Many locations near Las Ramblas
  • Bo Da B – INCREDIBLE SANDWICHES… there WILL be a line, go at an off time and expect to wait. WORTH IT. Get a sandwich with chicken and you pick your toppings and MAKE SURE you get the pappas fritas. Its by the water, google it.
  • Botafumeiro (C/Gran de Gracia, 81) – Expensive, go with parents!
  • Cal Pep (Placa Olles, 8): The best Tapas in Barcelona! You can sit at the bar and wait in line for a seat or make reservation weeks in advance (you will still wait a little).
  • Dos Tece: One of the best Menu Del Dia’s in the city. Lots of variety for all types of eaters, healthy and incredible. Its also a nice place just to get coffee or study (they have wireless).  Its right behind The Boqueria on a small street called Carme (its across from a children’s park).
  • El Japones– good sushi and hip- In the L’Exaimple in a small ally between Rambla Cataluyna and Passeig de Gracia.
  • Els Quatre Gats – Great atmosphere, excellent food. (Picasso’s favorite)
  • Fresco and Lactuva– Chains for Salad and other health food (if you want to get “to go” go to the register first to get a container and pay).
  • Juicy Jones-a vegetarian/vegan restaurant off Las Ramblas on L’Hospitalet, they have grea fresh juices/smoothies and always full with hipsters.
  • Maoz– great falafel place that are all over
  • Margarita Blue– (Joef Anslem Clave number 6)- Mexican Food. Cool drinks and trendy atmosphere, to the left when walking down Las Ramblas towards the water (make a reservation).
  • Milk– Trendy/delicious restaurant in the Barrio Goticco on Gignas 21. It’s hard to find (make a reservation).
  • Noti– Diner type of food with Caesar salads, oriental chicken salads, eggs/bacon etc.
  • Organic– Good place to get vegetarian/healthy take away lunch.
  • Pizza del Born: Good menu del diaàtwo slices and a drink for 3.50 euro. Its on Passeig Del Born and its always a fun crowded Catalan scene.
  • Pla Del Angels: Across from the MACBA, a very hip/small restaurant with lots of fun people inside.
  • QuQu – on passieg de Gracia has good Tapas and nice outdoor seating
  • Rosa Negra: Mexican food on Via Leitana (take Yellow to Juame exit metro and make a left down Leitana).
  • Princesa 23
  • Petra
  • Agua
  • Shoko/ Agua/CDLC/Opiu- all on beach, pick any and you can’t go wrong
  • Set Portes- best paella in town, any cab driver will know it if you tell them
  • Super Soup -healthy soup and smoothie place. Really cute and filling on Juame (right near the subway stop).
  • The Bagel Shop – great bagel sandwiches, off of Las Ramblas – If you are walking down the Ramblas from Cataluyna make your first left and then make a right at the fork.
  • Tragaluz– good to go with parents (across the ally from El Japones).
  • Udon Noodle Bar – On Calle Princessa, its good Asian fusion.

Clubs/Bars show up around 1 or 2 and you’ll stay till 5 or 6.  Plan accordingly

  • Chupitos – great pregame place; this bar has the a list of 100 shots that are all 1 euro
  • Club Pipas – This is actually a speakeasy low-key bar. It’s beautiful inside and “secret” but anyone can get in if they know about it.  Walk into Placa Reil from Ramblasàface the fountain and go to the leftàthe second door has a buzzer and one says Pipasàbuzz it but don’t speak loudly.
  • Coyote Ugly – Its exactly like the movie. Girls dance on the bars! It is in the port area
  • Danzatoria– major night club in Barcelona, there are actually three of them, its like a planned bar hop- you go to the first one which is open earliest and closes around 3, located in the Tibidado (up in the mountains) area- this one is like an old mansion, fun club! Tres is the 3rd of the danzatoria clubs and another one is located in the port Olympic area- that was built up before the Olympics were there –Port Olympic- has a whole strip of clubs and stuff there that is fun!
  • Dow Jones – really cool concept – every drink is on a TV screen with the price; the prices fluctuate based on who buys what – based fully on supply and demand. If people keep buying drinks with absolute then the price of absolute keeps going up. Also, if no one is buying long island iced teas then the price goes down to really cheap so people start buying it. Then, every 45 minutes or so there’s a “stock market crash” where all the drinks go back down to baseline price which are all so cheap
  • Down
  • Elephant
  • Harlem Jazz Club – Try to go to a Jazz club here, they are all over and really fun
  • Jamboree – In Placa Reil and a fun club to go to on Thursday night because they play hip-hop.
  • L’Ovella Negra (Black Sheep) – This is a great place to meet young people from all over the world. It’s Calle Sitges off the Ramblas, its sort of hard to find but worth it. I would suggest making this one of your first bars (get there at 1am).
  • La Paloma – looked like Moulin Rouge, fun club.
  • Opium
  • OttoZutz– fun club in Maria Christina area (very American).
  • Pippermants: Huge/cheap drinks that you share with like 10 people – get lemonade and vodka. Fun to go for a pregame spot.
  • Razzmatazz: A huge disco in Barcelona that usually has concerts that are fun to see. This place is over 10 huge rooms of techno and definitely something to be prepared for.  It is always 15 euro to enter but you get a free drink.
  • Shoko/Catwalk/Opium – Clubs on the water, try to find someone handing out free passes.
  • Boulevard
  • Queen Vic
  • Up & Down
  • CDLC
  • City Hall: very spanish but so much fun!
  • Le Cyrano: pour your own drinks, only opened thurs-saturday and you must be there early or else you don’t have a chance of getting in

**** if you’re going out look at Ashii’s list on facebook for free entry and drinks at certain clubs/bars

Shopping (smaller shops closed from about 2:30-5:30)

  • Calle Avinyo – has lots of cool shops, its in between the Ramblas and port area.
  • Corte Ingles – A combination of Wal-Mart and Bloomingdales. Go there if you need to find something specific, but its expensive (should be your last resort).
  • El born– This is the “SoHo” of Barcelona. The best way to find the shops you like best is just wandering in all the tiny streets. These are mostly Spanish designers and very cool and different.
  • Vintage shops in the Raval and other small shops in between Ramblas and MACBA. All the streets are really tiny so the best way to find the shops is just getting lost in the area and having patience.
  • Walk along the diagonal/Passeig de Gracia to find the big brands. There is one cute boutique called D490 off Diagonal
    • Brandy Melville*I promise you won’t regret it 🙂

MADRID, Spain – Watch for Pick-pocketers


  • Sites to see [1-4 are close to each other and 5-9 are close to each other]:
    • (1) Prado Museum – it is all biblical paintings, but very famous. Famous paintings and stuff and in the Parque del Retiro which you NEED to see!!! (free after 6PM)
    • (2) La Sombra (Museo Thyssen)
    • (3) Jardin Botanico (right next to Prado)
    • (4) Parque del Retiro (really nice — huge park where you can walk around or lay out there is also a lake where you can go on row boats); go here and maybe get some cheap wine and bread/cheese and have a picnic cuz its so nice!! You can rent row boats for 4 euro for an hour!! Im obsessed!! You can walk from Sol or take the metro (red line 2 I think) to Retiro stop
    • (5) Museo Reina Sofia – more modern art but its cool. Metro stop: Atocha.
    • (6) Teatro Real
    • (7) Palacio Real (the Royal Palace) – make sure you go inside, it is beautiful; Only 3.50 euro if you bring your BU ID!! Beautiful you should see it it’s cool and right by a reallyyy pretty park with an Egyptian temple! You can walk here in 10/15 minutes from Sol and it’s close to Plaza España which is also nice.
    • (8) Puerta de Toledo
    • (9) Plaza Mayor – (five minute walk from Puerta del Sol – if you walk toward the McDonalds) shopping area and tons of restaurants. There’s a fat Spiderman – he’s famous
  • Center of Spain – there is a square with a plaque that is the actual center of spain
  • El Rastro – flea market; only open on Sundays (by La Latina metro stop and Tirso de Molina)
  • Plaza de Espana
  • Puerta del Sol – 10 streets all meet here; Very lively!
  • Walking tour of Madrid this tour leaves every day from Plaza Mayor at 11am and sometime in the afternoon as well and it’s called Sandeman. It’s free and I did it the last week I was there haha but wish I had done it sooner. Make sure to do this because it’s sooo interesting and really fun because you learn fun facts you never would have in class or on another tour.


  • 4 de tapas – good and cheap
  • Botin – famous, lots of people go there (by Plaza Mayor)
  • Chocoteria – in SOL; behind Joy Eslava; SOOO FUCKING GOOD. Legit the best churros with chocolate ever. Ask for the thick churros, they’re better.  Open ALL NIGHT!!! I always went at like 6 am after the clubs
  • La Rollerie – great lunch/brunch place, super cheap and huge portions
  • Delirios – (Alcala 55) not typical Spanish food; artsy, contemporary; near Banco Espana
  • Entre Suspiro – Similar to Delirios
  • La Trucha – in plaza Santa Ana (metro stop Sol, Sevilla or Anton Martin)
  • La Vaca Argentina – grilled meat and chicken; cool, downstairs restaurant; near Opera metro
  • Lateral (in plaza Santa Ana) – hard to get seated
  • Malasana area – go to Tribunal metro stop and wlak through this area, there are ton of great restaurants and cute little places – also a fun place to walk around druing the day
  • Nodo – Spanish and Asian fusion; similar to Nobu, but not as expensive
  • Tapas Bars – Puerta de Sol
  • Turf – good tapas and delicious drinks; cool basement to eat in in Plaza Santa Ana


Trust me when I say most bars you walk into will be fun, as long as you’re friendly you will get free drinks literally everywhere you go

  • 100 Montaditos this was our favoriteee place to go after class and on random nights. They have 1 euro little sandwiches and big beers for 1 or 2 euro also. There’s one a 10 minute walk from school at the Alonso Martinez metro stop (but there are a ton all over like in Sol also)
  • Coyote Lounge – Fun bar; it has two rooms; the front is just a bar, and the back is a club/dance place
  • Cueva Bar – We used to go here when we didn’t want a big scene and just wanted to be with our group. The owner is so nice and there’s karaoke its fun to go drink sangria and sit and have a good time on any random night with your friends. If you go to Plaza Mayor (Sol metro is super close ask someone how to get there) walk straight to the back of the plaza and go through the way back left corner and it’s on the stair case on your right)
  • El Tigre – Metro – Gran Via or Chueca. Calle de las infantas 26 (I think).  It’s like a ten minute walk from Puerta del Sol up Calle Montera if you ask around. Go here before you go out. 5 euro GIANT mojitos. It’s super crowded so try to get there a little earlier like 1030 it’ll be SUPER crowded but You get 3 tapas with each 5 euro mojito!! So it’s worth it and a fun experience!
  • Irish pubs – there is a whole row of Irisu pubs in Puerta del Sol (if you look to the right of the giant billboard) it’s a lot of fun and good for bar hopping
  • Joy Eslava – Club in Puerta del Sol. SO fun especially when your blackout. Haha. Theres all types of people there. Americans, Spaniards, Europeans from all over! Mostly students and you get in free with a free drink before 130. It’s a fun place to go I think! I always have a great time!! If you say you’re on Sammy’s list you’ll prob get in free or discount if it’s after 130 so you can try that! (greattt for Thursdays)
  • Kapital – It’s a really cool 7 story club. If a promoter comes up to you on the street take the coupon because it makes cover only 15 euro including 2 drinks so it’s sooo worth it!!! It’s on Calle Atocha (metro closest is blue line Atocha stop or its also 5 minutes from Anton Martin stop) and you should go around 1230 before the line gets around the corner and you can’t get in. Its SUPER fun but make sure to pregame hard cuz its funner that way haha. (best on Fridays and Saturdays when I was there)
  • La Latina Great for Sundays it’s such a scene especially with a lot of locals. There’s a metro stop called la latina and just follow the crowd (I don’t remember right now the specifics of how to get there) but it’s a street with bars all up and down it—always a good time
  • Moma 56 metro gregorio marañon. It’s literally around the corner from the stop or ruben Dario stop and you walk like five minutes up calle san miguel. This is a fun club filled with young Spanish people. Cute guys from what I remember, but it’s quite a local college aged scene everyone will be speaking Spanish but you haha we loved it when we went
  • O’Connells – American Pub
  • Orange – (metro moncloa or arguelles)this was the Wednesday spot every week (11PMish) when I was there and you will most definitely run into americans you know from home here haha I ran into everyone and their mom. It’s a good time, always an open bar for 5 euro. Good deal and a good time!
  • PachaMetro Tribunal literally two blocks from the stop if you walk toward the burger king (there’s also an irish bar right in front of the stop that we used to go to beforehand) It’s a realllyy fun club and everyone loves it! You can’t really go wrong here. There’s a 16 euro cover usually but getting a table is only like 150 so if you split it among your friends its usually worth it and fun to have one here (I went on Fridays and Saturdays usually)
  • Palacio
  • Plaza del Sol – literally a bar on EVERY corner—a good place to go if you really want free drinks and a good time, since a lot of clubs are near by also
  • Plaza Santa Ana – This is a five minute walk from Sol if you walk up Calle Carrera and make a left at the big plaza and keep walking straight (or ask around) and here there are bars ALL around the square and the MELIA Hotel is there–***very important there is a roof top club that’s super chic and sooo fun there’s a bit of an older 20’s crowd there but sometimes the soccer players go here (oolala)
  • San Miguel – metro: Ruben Dario. I think this is the name— literally two blocks from the school and great for drinks after class (trust me you’ll be drinking every day)
  • Viva Madrid


  • Calle de Serrano – All the beautiful upscale stores are here!! Goo!! And a big Corte Ingles
  • El Rastro On Sunday go here if you can!! Opens early til about 2pm maybe a little later. Metro: La Latina or Tirso de Molina. This is a SUPER FUN area to walk around anyways if you have time any of your other days!! Rastro is a flea market, super cheap everything you can find and it’s HUGE!! I never woke up in time and would get very angry at myself. Lol.
  • Calle Goya – Really good shopping area tooo parallel to Serrano.
  • Velazguez
  • Hermosilla
  • Jose y Gassett
  • Sol and Gran Via – there are stores EVERYWHERE here and a really big/great H&M on Calle Gran Via by the chueca metro stop



  • Fly into Malaga and take a taxi (about a 40 minute drive and 60 euro) to the hotel
  • If you have more than 4 people that you are travelling with call the Marriott and ask them to send a car to the airport for you because taxis cannot take more than 4 people


  • Beaches and water sports
  • Horseback riding in mountains
  • Old town of Marbella
  • Puerto Banus – like the Hamptons; Very chic, expensive, tons of ridiculous cars
  • You can take a day trip to Gibraltar from here


  • Christy’s – a good seafood place on the beach, (only if you stay at the Marriott)
  • Pravda
  • Restaurante Aquavit – nice restaurant in puarta banus, on the same street with the bars
  • Sansai – This place is hibachi. We all went. It was so much fun.  The chef at the tables was so much fun and the food was good too.
  • Tony Dali – really nice restaurant, if you are there with your parents you should go there, but if not it is an amazing restaurant, my parents recommended it
  • Zen – Chinese; they also have sushi; you have to cab there; it’s good


  • Casino
  • Dreamers (club) if you go to the bars in Puerto banus before they can usually give you passes and then you don’t have to pay the cover of the club
  • Puerto Banus




  • Alcazar– make sure that you see the whole thing because the gardens are beautiful and palace
  • Barrio Santa Cruz– old Jewish quarter. Tons of twisting, winding streets. Bring a map to get out! (Hospital de los venerables)
  • Casa de Pilatos– cool, but only do if you have LOTS of time!
  • Catedral– beautiful, lots of history inside, climb the Giralda when you are in the cathedral
  • Giralda– Go to top for beautiful view of Seville
  • Museo de Bellas Artes-Spain’s 2nd best collection of Paintings (after Prado)
  • Parque Maria Luisa– Walk through or take a horse and carriage ride. GORGOUS. If you live here, take advantage of this park. I didn’t go to it enough!
  • Plaza De Americas– right next to Park
  • Plaza De Espana– Next to park also. Really pretty. Lots of movies have been filmed here.
  • Torre de Oro– Tower of gold. You will walk by it, so now you know what it is!


  • Acropolis– Greek restaurant in triana, a street over behind Jose Luis
  • Alfonso 13th – japones restaurant, good sushi, when you get to the hotel the restaurant is behind (to the left of the main door) , by the pool
  • Ali Baba– Mediterranean. On Betiz, close to Triana Bridge
  • Bacho– had drinks here, kind of a trendy restaurant for sevilla, but food looked good (next to the club antique)
  • Bar Giralda-On Mateo Gago in Barrio Santa Cruz
  • Bara Rara– (calle San Fernando)
  • Cosa Nostra– Italian. On Betiz
  • El Grado– in Haggen Daz, near the traina bridge
  • Faro de Triana-Right across Puenta de Triana, big yellow resultant on the bridge. Great food. Go for lunch. Eat on roof with amazing view. (Espinacas con garbanzo, queso manchego, pollo, sangria …( you can also get white sangria, if you like white wine better)
  • Flaherty’s– Irish pub with American food. Across from Alcazar
  • GOOD TOAST– go to La Campana, it’s a famous bakery there and get pan molden, also known as good toast!
  • Horatio-good Spanish
  • Jose Luis– Coffee shop in Plaza de Cuba, we went there everyday for coffee to sit outside all the time
  • La Habanita– Cuban, GREAT food. Near Centro. (Calle Golfo 3)
  • La Isla- good to go with parents, get seafood and ask them “sin cabeza” (without the head and to de-bone the fish for you)
  • Laraza-(calle San Fernando)
  • Little restaurants in Barrio Santa Cruz are good places to have lunch especially with visitors
  • Madigans– Irish pub in Plaza de Cuba. Everyone meets here to go out and goes to this bar ALL the time.
  • Mama Mia– Good Italian, cheap (on Betiz)
  • Montana– American food (grilled Chicken) in Los Remedios
  • O’ Tapas– Triana. (Calle Pages de Corro)
  • Pappasa Asada-every type of Baked Potato you can imagine. So good! (In Triana on Lopez de Gomera)
  • Porta Rosa– AMAZING!! Try the grilled veggies with goat cheese appetizer, salad with mushrooms and parm cheese. (Calle Pastor y Landero)
  • Rio Grande– really good/ nice resultant on the river (good to go with parents)
  • San Marco– Italian food. There are 6 total in Seville, all look different. If you are meeting someone there, make sure you are both going to same one!
  • Teteria Baghdad– this is a really cute tea and hookah place. We would come and hang out here all the time. It is in Triana. After you cross the bridge go to left on the street after Betiz. Keep walking and it is on the right. Hussein owns it and he speaks english!
  • Tex Mex– American. They play Friends re-runs once a week
  • VIPS– American food. Also, small store with odds and ends you may need like cell phone minutes. They have pancakes!


  • Antigua– harder to get in, don’t go with a heard of American’s or have someone who speaks Spanish speak for you, they also get kind of dressed up for this club… go to Bacho, right next door for drinks or dinner.
  • Anything on Betis
  • Bar Centro– Plaza Salvador
  • Bar Luna
  • Big Ben– Betis
  • Boss– on wed. Nights, most Americans go here, they play good American hip-hop music, its fun!
  • Café Bar Sevilla
  • Café de la Prensa– betis
  • Carboneria- A MUST! This is in Barrio Santa Cruz (calle levies 18) and has flamenco dancing. It is a really authentic, fun place with outdoor seating. The Sangria and Agua de Sevilla are great. You will have trouble finding this, just ask people around you once you get to Barrio Santa Cruz. Even at the end of 4 months I still had to ask people to help me get there! If you are in a cab tell them that you want to be dropped of cerra de puerta de roja. (The red door)
  • Catedral
  • Flaherty’s
  • Funducion– Betis
  • Madigans– Plaza de Cuba
  • Upendua 


  • Calle Sierpes– lots of shops here. Also, just walk all around El Centro. Zara is a sure bet to have tons of stuff and cheaply! There are some stores that might have cute stuff if you are desperate to shop, they are hidden….you have to go looking
  • Corte Ingles– This is a huge department store but with even more than a normal dept. store! It will have anything you can think of that you need!! It also has a lot of American products. If you are ever in need, go here! They also have make-up, perfume, clothes, purses, shoes, hair products, etc. Plaza Duque de la Victoria. There are two in Seville, one is a furniture store though…so if you are directed there, just know there is another one too!
  • Plaza Nueva– the American express office is here and also some of the bigger stores i.e max mara is there, Carolina Herrera etc.

GRANDA, SPAIN – one of my favorite cities! Very close to Sevilla, can be done in 2 days


  • The Alhambra – most incredible sight in Spain, be sure to buy tickets online before as they sell out! Go when warm and gardens are in bloom
  • Alabcyzn – area of Granada with a bunch of shops and street food

Going Out

  • El Camborio – located near Alhambra, go on Thursday and Fridays, great music and free drink if you get there before 1:30am, great view of Alhambra lit up at night from the rooftop
  • Mya – more exclusive club downtown, be sure to make sure there’s not a concert before you go


  • Lots of Middle Eastern food like hummus and Falafel- it’s good and legit

CORDOBA, SPAIN- cute town near Sevilla

  • The famous Mosque of Cordoba is in Cordoba, you can go for a day or two to visit

VALENCIA, SPAIN – great beach town on the Mediterranean

  • If you want to go to the beach Valencia is a great little town! Be sure to go to the Cuidad de Artes y Ciencias, a huge aquarium/museum




BERLIN, Germany


  • Fly here, but you can also take a train from Prague. You could fly into Berlin and a few days later train to Prague and fly out of Prague (or vice-versa)


  • East Berlin Gallery – part of the Berlin wall with murals. Be an abroad student. Take artsy pics
  • Free Walking Tour – East Berlin Starting point: Brandenburg Gate; in front of starbucks; every day 11 am 1pm; the best tour I went on in Europe
  • Neve? Nueve? Museum – (I don’t speak German) museum with Nefertiti Head, on Museum Island, Get an audio guide. One of Berlin’s oldest museums, was bombed in WWII. Don’t feel like you have to see it all, there is a lot, Nefertiti is hot.
  • Judische Museum – MUST SEE
  • Neve Gallerie National – Miles Van De Roche modern building, Gerhard Richter Show… GO
  • Brandenburg Gate and Holocaust memorial (with the concrete cubes)… Walking distance from each other
  • Mauerpark Flea Market GO. Its on sundays. Eat curryworst and strudel


  • Hakuin – Martin Luther Str. 1, 1000 Berlin 30 (V)
  • Café V – Lausitzerplatz 12 (Kreuzberg section)
  • Amrit Restaurant – Oranien Strasse 200, Berlin 10999 in Mitte
  • Yellow Sunshine
  • Dachgartenrestaurant – or roof garden restaurant;, for afternoon tea
  • Monsieur Vuong – Asian food
  • YOU MUST EAT AT Schneewei Bchen – (Schonhauserallee, metro stop Senefelder-platz)If you stay at easy 7 or Hotel Jurine its really close.


  • Area called Kreuzberg, go to OranienstaBe – street with these two bars on it but also other cool bars
    • Cake Bar
    • Rose Bar
    • Club called Berghain – “The best club in europe” you go at 5 or 6am after going out
  • Bastar*d@Prater – Kastanienallee 7-9, 10435 Berlin; A small but hip club at the top of Kastanienallee (near subway station “Eberswalder Str.”)
  • Club Soda
  • Hackerscher Markt.
  • Magnet Club – Greifswalder Strasse 212-213, 10405 Berlin; Stylish club in Prenzlauer Berg; Almost everyday concerts and parties, mainly indie rock/pop, brit pop etc

MUNICH, Germany

Be sure to go to Oktoberfest/Springfest (in October and April)


  • Olympic Park
  • BMW Museum and Factory – If you make an appointment a few weeks in advance, you can test drive cars at the factory and watch cars being made
  • Dachau Concentration Camp – Bought tickets through Munich Walking Tours, which was located in the train station; tour lasts about 4 hours and you have a guide that walks you around and gives explanation
  • English Park
  • Hoenbrafus Biergarden
  • Mike’s Bike Tour – get a big group together; it’s a lot of fun and one of the best things we did abroad; the biking is strenuous and it is a good way to see the city
  • Schloss Park


  • Augustenerkeller Biergarden – one of the most authentic beer gardens in Munich
  • Rischart Bakery – on marienplatz (right across from the cathedral); everything is amazing




  • Take the Chunnel from London into Gare du Nord
  • Major international airports are Charles De Gaulle and Paris Orly
    • If you fly Ryan Air you get into Beauvais… about an hour and a half bus ride to the edge of Paris… then a long metro ride anywhere. Don’t fly Ryan Air to Paris.
  • Buy a blue “Paris Pratique” from any news stand as soon as you get there (about 4 euros) it will be your lifeline while wandering in Paris (Metro map, maps by arrondissement, velib stations…)
  • Velib – bike share system, you can sign up online for a 1 day pass for 1.70 euros… SO MUCH FUN makes sightseeing go faster, feels scary at first but you get used to it. If you change your bike every half an hour its free
  • You get discounts everywhere for being under 25 and even more for being a Student


  • Do the New Paris Walking Tour!!
  • Arc d’ Triomphe – you can go on top for free with your Visa
  • Boat ride on the Seine River
  • Eiffel Tower- pay to go to top and get a drink at the bar
  • Centre Pompidou – (in the 3rd/4th right by the Marais) Modern art museum, the architect wanted the museum to have open gallery space so all the pipes and wires are on the outside. If you don’t want to go in the museum, at least walk by its cool to see. Also taking the escalator up to the top has an AWESOME view of Paris you can do it for i think 2 euro
  • Champs Elysees– good shopping.
  • Church of Notre Dame– You have to stand in a separate line to see the bell tower (yes, where Quasimodo lived) The inside of it is wonderful.. the line will probably be long but don’t be discouraged it moves SO fast
    • After the church walk to the back, there is a pretty garden and cross the bridge to the Left Bank on the Pont L’Archeveche – Its the famous bridge in Paris that everyone puts a love lock on
  • Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise – (In the 20th) Huge, really old cemetery, where Jim Morrison and other French intellectuals are buried
  • Crazy Horse (Cabaret aka Titty Show)– Went with my parents, SUCH GREAT DANCING, not sure how expensive tickets were but super fun splurge night with the girls, went to a midnight showing after dinner- saw a lot of shows in Europe this was an in-between sex show and just straight fun (plus SUPER HOT GUYS)
  • Euro Disney– Do this if you run out of things to do or if you are in Paris for a long time. Fun, but expensive.
  • Galeries Lafayette – like a Bloomies but if you go to the make up area look at the ceiling its insane and super old
  • Grand Palais/Petit Palais – Museums at the end of Tuileries, usually have cool exhibits, chezzeck em out
  • Impressionist Museum
  • Jardin du Luxembourg – MY FAVORITE GARDEN IN ALL OF PARIS ITS IN THE 6TH (right by Pantheon) YOU HAVE TO GO WITH A PICNIC AND ALCOHOL (open alc is totz cool in Paris)… LEAVE TIME TO LAY IN THE GRASS ALL DAY
  • Jewish Quarter (eat at Goldberg’s Deli) – near Picasso Museum
    • The Marais, the 3rd and 4th arrondissement
  • Latin Quarter– go for dinner, has a lot of markets during the day (Place Monge Wednesday mornings and downhill rue Mouffetard during the day)
    • Pantheon – a lot of famous scholars are buried here, really cool murals inside
    • La Sorbonne is here… Lots o college students
  • Les Catacombes – (14th, Literally right at the Denfert Rochereau metro stop) Bones put underground when cemeteries got too full and started spreading diseases, years later someone went in and organized all the bones… Creepy but SO COOL. Go early they only let a certain amount of people in at a time
  • Louvre Museumin the 1st. Start at the Louvre, walk through the Jardin des Tuileries towards – free with Visa
  • Concorde. Check out the Obelisque (where Louis and Marie Antoinette were beheaded). Keep walking and you’ll hit Champs Elysees, follow that and youll get to L’arc de Triomphe
  • Montmarte– take the metro to Abesses and then cable car to top of the hill. Or walk.  Even if you don’t know where you’re going, just head UP. Really cute artsy area (where all the starving artists lived)- cool views, poster stores and stands. This was my favorite thing I did in Paris.
    • Climb to top of steps to see Sacre Coeur (going to the top is super cool)
    • Wander behind the church to the left and find Place du Calvaire
    • Moulin Rouge– touristy rip off, but we did it and it is worth it.
    • Red Light District-Sex stores and shops everywhere. Not necessary to go to- go in Amsterdam.  It is actually cultural there.  In Paris, its just CRAP and scary! Only go for Moulin Rouge
  • Musee d’Orsay-I loved it! It’s totally worth going to – A MUST!  They have all types of art (Architecture, models, paintings, sketches, statues—blah blah blah)  PLEASE GO, I LOVED IT!
  • Musee L’Orangerie – at the end of the Tuileries, Monet’s Lilies, Also has a lot of Impressionist and classic French artists. If you’re not a big museum go-er this museum is PERFECT, its small and you’ll see typical french art. My favorite museum in Paris
  • Musee Rodin – (in the 7th right by Les Invalides) pretty grass area, pretty art
  • Opera House – do a tour. SO interesting and amazing(Phantom of the Opera anyone…)
  • Palace of Versailles– This is a subway and some away, but worth it. It is where the royal dudes lived.   We loved the gardens.  I recommend audio tapes for the tour of the palace- they are FREE.   Use your student ID when you buy tickets for the tour.   You will see the king and queens rooms etc.
  • Parc du Champ de Mars/Trocadero/ Eiffel Tower – take the metro to Trocadero (in the 16th) see the Eiffel Tower from there, cross bridge to Eiffel tower, go to the top, Picnic in the Champ de Mars (in the 7th)
  • Picasso Museum


  • r.”- expensive but so cool and great view of the Eiffel Tower- if you don’t go for dinner for a drink at the bar- kind of hard to find but so cool.
  • Auberge Pyrenees-Cevennes – (106 rue de la Folie Mericourt in the 11th) LITERALLY THE BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER EATEN IF YOU GO TO PARIS AND DONT GO HERE YOU ARE MAKING THE MIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE. Classic, traditional, rustic french food. Get the escargot and the cassolet or the sol meuniere. SO FUCKING GOOD.
  • Angelina – go here after the Louvre and get hot chocolate (225, Rue de Rivoli)
  • Asian– really good sushi, cool- like a jungle inside
  • Bar Fly (good for drinks and dinner, need reservations)
  • Bagels and Brownies – (rue des fleurs and rue de notre dame des champs, in the 6th I think?)Has bagels, each one named after a city in Amurica
  • Breakfast in America – if you need American food its BOMB (get the breakfast burrito or a burger). They have two locations – BIA1= 17 rue des Ecoles in the 5th (metro 10, Cardinal Lemoine) or BIA2=4 rue Malher (Marais, metro 1, St Paul)
  • Buddha Bar (good for drinks and dinner too, need reservations)
  • Chez janou – sautéed mushrooms are really good
  • Eat at a bistro
  • Le Coupe-Chou (9&11 rue de Lanneau, in the 5th right by Pantheon) Pretty, cutesy, good for dinner and dates, Super french, looks like its in an old house
  • Eat Crepes on the street. They have great crepe places in the Latin Quarter. (rue Mouffetard and in Montparnasse – 13th)
  • L’as du Falafel – (rue Rosiers in the Marais) BOMB falafel in the Jewish Quarter, always packed because it was recommended by Lenny Kravitz… The place across the street with a red awning has the exact same falafel and for 50 cents extra they put fries in it
  • Eggs & Co – (In the 6th near Sevres) BREAKFAST/BRUNCH… Parisians don’t understand breakfast or brunch. These people do. SUCH a cute little place with the nicest waiters
  • Latin Quarter – Latin Quarter café – all the bartenders/waiters walk around basically naked and dance with you (and creepily try to take your bra off which was kind of weird). We went there completely sober and still had fun
  • Le Petite Chaise – (36 rue de Grenelle in the 7th) oldest restaurant in Paris; BEST FRENCH ONION SOUP IN PARIS. Creme Brulee rocks too
  • Les Deux Magot – very famous café, the old Paris writers used to write here, in the 6th
  • Cafe Contrescarpe – (place du contrescarpe, 5th) where Hemingway used to hangs, go for an evening drink, SO many french kids, the square starts to get busy and fun around 8
  • Cafe des Deux Moulins – in Montmartre, where Amelie worked in the movie, not worth a special trip there, but if you’re in the area do it. Really cool markets around here if you have some time to do wandering
  • Mariette – (24 rue Bosquet in the 7th) right by the Eiffel tower, good for dinner and then to walk over at night to see it sparkle. Small, make a reservation. Small menu but EVERYTHING is good. The host/waitress is the wife of the chef and the NICEST woman EVER
  • La Mosquee – (38 rue Geoggroy StHilaire, 5th) Salon de The (Tea salon)
  • I can’t for the life of me figure out what the name of this place actually is but something along the lines of Essen Pitzman Bench? – (8 rue Pavee in the 4th) right by the St Paul Metro stop, little jewish place.. HAS BAGELS!
  • Refuge des Fondues – (rue des Trois Freres, 18th, metro: Abesses or Pigalle) fun, cool fondue restaurant, they give you wine in baby bottles, go for dinner after having wine on the Montmartre steps to watch the sunset and the Eiffel tower sparkle, make a reservation
  • Relais Gascon – (rue des Abesses) Big salads covered in potatoes, good for lunch
  • Salle a Manger – (rue Mouffetard in the 5th) SUCH A CUTE PLACE FOR BREAKFAST/LUNCH. Get the “Sporting” (a bunch of bread and they bring you a plethora of spreads) its SUPER cute. They also have aaaamaaaaazing salads (something the French don’t normally know how to do)
  • Sugarplum Bakery – (rue Cardinal Lemoine, 5th) …exactly what it sounds like
  • Water bar (for lunch) at Colette (a really cute department store)


  • Queen – (in the 1st on Champs Elysees) Wednesday night is ladies night, free champagne and strippers. Awesome.
  • Mabillion/St Germain…
    • Chez Georges – (rue Canettes, red like… wall) REALLY old, REALLY French wine bar cave. ALL Paris kids… They play only hebrew and french music…Go on week nights around 10 if you want to sit… Earlier on weeknights… Gets rowdy and super sloppy around midnight BUT SO MUCH FUN. Closes at 1 and everyone goes to Chez Antoine (right down the street, opens at 1, blue like… wall) – SUPER FRENCH in a cave too… make sure you’re drunk when you go on otherwise it smells kind of funky… or go and have tequila shots
    • Princess and the Frog – (6th, metro Mabillion line 10, rue Princesse) Always play weird old American music but its so much fun. They make their own beer. (Also a ton of bars on this street)
    • Once all the bars on rue Princesse close, everyone goes to Cafe Mabillion for drinks (you’ll see it when you get off the Mabillion metro stop)
  • The Fifth Bar – (…In the 5th on rue Mouffetard) Really fun bar! Always a ton of kids, a lot of Americans (good for meeting people), have a beer pong table in the back. If you see an old man behind the bar, Thierry, say hi and tell him you’re Regan and “Brimmany’s” (yes Brimmany) friends and he’ll give you free drinks.
    • This entire street is lined with bars
  • Rue Oberkampf in the 11th has a lot of bars


  • Forum Les Halles – (in the 1st, Metro: Les Halles or Chatelet) the only true American “mall” in Paris. Check out the store New Look… the closest thing Paris has to a Forever 21
  • Bazarre Hotel de Ville (BHV) – in the Town Hall (its not a Hotel), the weirdest mix of Ikea, Target, and Walmart… Good for random shit like straighteners, furniture, toiletries…. Have some American brands
  • Monoprix – equivalent of Target, good for food shopping, toothpaste, bedding… all over Paris
  • The Marais – Get off the metro at St Paul. Cross the street away from the carousel and wander around there (rue Rosiers) SO MUCH GOOD SHOPPING. Also lots of awesome vintage stores to pick through
    • Amour en Cage – (42 rue Vieille du Temple, 4th) good cool cheap nice jewelry
  • Rue Mouffetard (in the 5th, metro 7 Place Monge) – Start up at Place Contrescarpe and work your way down. Some expensive and some cheap stores, all with great things! Make sure you walk all the way down to where it ends. (Brittany and Regan lived on rue du pot de fer on your right! Make sure you take a pic and send it to us so we can cry!!!)
    • Once you get to the real downhill-y part keep your eyes peeled for an asian lady shoe store on the right… she has GREAT inexpensive shoes
  • Boulevard St Michel – runs between the 5th and 6th, start at Luxembourg and walk towards the Seine. Your typical chain stores (pop into Pimkie) and random cheapy stores that actually have cute things!
  • Boulevard St Germain – runs perpendicular to St Michel… if you’re walking down St Michel towards the Seine turn left… Walk through it, good stores
  • Boulevard Haussmann – (behind L’Opera, 8th/9th), H&M, Zara, Mango…




LAGOS, Portugal


  • Bom Dia – Boat ride
  • Sagres – great for susnset; DON’T MISS THIS!!! It used to be considered “the end of the world.” Everyone thought that if you kept going, you would fall off the water; this is where Columbus set sail


  • Old Tavern – ask for Robin, he’s hot!!


LISBON, Portugal


  • Alfama – oldest part of city; Feria de Ladra is a flea market open on Saturday from 7-12
  • Baixa area
  • Barrio Alto
  • Basiica de Estrela
  • Beach – Tamariz (it is really well known) and there are lots of great places to eat lunch and grab a snack around the area
  • Belem – tower and Jeronimo Monestary
  • Marques de Pombai
  • Monument to the discoveries
  • Museo de Coches
  • Ocenario – worlds second largest aquarium; take metro to Oriente and ask for directions
  • Oeiras – cute town with lots of little shops/restaurants
  • Rossio
  • Santa Justa Lift – cable car ride shows view of all Lisbon; metro to Baxia-chaido
  • San Jorge Castle – if you do nothing else MUST DO THIS!
  • Zoo – huge and had a wide range of animals


  • Café Alcantara – one of the most unique looking restaurants I have seen; also had good food (but don’t order shrimp, they leave the heads on)
  • Consenso – great food, amazing ambiance
  • Make sure to try VINO VERDE – it is a Portugal thing


  • Barrio Alto area




  • Fly Alitalia, KLM, Iberia, Basiq Air, Easy Jet
  • Train from the airport to the central station
  • Trains are really to use and the hotel front desk people were really great at giving directions


  • Anne Frank House – you can buy tickets before on the on the website but need to do it like a week before; go in the morning because later in the day the line gets really long
  • Boat Ride on Canasl – 7 euros and nice
  • Coffee Shops – Bulldogs or Grasshoppers are the big ones but walking in the “nine streets” and finding a hipper trendy one is fun too
  • Heineken Factory – the most fun thing we did on the entire trip; go in the morning (like 11 am); it’s walking distance from the Van Gogh museum so we went right after
  • Red Light District – See a sex show!! We went to the one with the pink elephant…
  • Sex Museum – really out there but it’s only 4 euro
  • The Iamsterdam sign – it’s right infront of the Rizk Museum and next to the Van Gogh Museum; good photo op
  • Van Gogh Museum – (really good park infront if its nice and you’re too stoned to make it into the museum)
  • 420 Café- one of the best weed cafes in Amsterdam


  • Bollywood – Indian food near Dam Square
  • Gary’s Muffins – great bagels for breakfast or lunch
  • Grenada – amazing tapas place around the corner from the bulldog; everything was really good and they give you lots of bread with this great garlic butter spread
  • Pancake Bakery – down the street a few blocks from Anne Frank’s House; most amazing to have when you are really really high; get the banana and nutella nomnomnomnomnom
  • Lots of junk food, nothing really nice – eat the fries in the cones on the street (you will know exactly what I’m talking about when you see it
  • Hotdogs


PRAGUE, Czech Republic


  • Do one of the walking tours that meets in the old square
  • Astronimcal Clock
  • Castle (Cathedral and Royal Palace)
  • Charles Bridge
  • Clock Tower – see it at the hour
  • Jewish Quarter (go through all the synogauges and cemetaries)
  • Letena Park – walk up all these steps to a metronome, cool view over Prague, there is a beer garden up there too, ask someone
  • Old Town Square
  • Opera
  • Petrin Hill – go to the Labyrinth
  • Take a day trip to Terezin Concentration Camp (ask the tourist desk about train and bus times)
  • Toy Museum – Barbie exhibit, near the cathedral/palace close to “Golden Lane”


  • Barok – on Parizska; good sushi, make reservation
  • Bea’s (v)
  • Belehradska (v)
  • Bohemia Bagel – great for breakfast, ask tourist center for exact address (there are a couple)
  • Café Lamborghini – next to the Spanish Synagouge
  • Clear Head – great vegetarian food
  • FX Café – Belehradska 120 (v)
  • Govinda – Soukenicka 27 – veggie Indian
  • Grand Café Orient – good for coffee
  • Lotos – Platnerska 13 – weird veggie food with veggie versions of Czech dishes
  • Mama Lucy – Mexican
  • Obecni Dum – for a coffee and cake after you go to Old Town Square
  • Pravda – on Parizska; need reservation too
  • Radost – such a cute place with amazing brunch.. MUST GO THERE; all vegetarian but really good; where Rhianna filmed her music video (can’t remember name); in Prague 2, but worth it; get spinach and artichoke dip nomm
  • Starometska – in Old Town Square
  • Taj Mahal – Stretova 10; indian food
  • U Bulinu – (Budecska, 803) Authentic Czech food… everything was soooooooo good
  • Uprince Hotel – ask to sit upstairs for a view of the city; good food; across from astronomical clock


  • Blind Eye (Vlkova 26) – former speakeasy; sounds cool
  • Bombay (Dlouha Street) – Cocktail bar
  • Bugsys (Parizska Street)
  • Caffrey’s – an Irish pub off of Old Town Square
  • Check out Vino di Vino (Vernska 3)
  • Drink at Clown and Bard’s Bar to meet travelers
  • Party at Soul Train Radost FX
  • Chapeau rougefive story club, each floor has a different theme
  • Kozicka (The Little Goat) – across from Mama Lucky; a fun bar
  • La Fabrique
  • La Chateau – in old town square
  • Tretter’s Bar (V Kolkovne Street) good for Sunday
  • Usudu (Vodickova 10 – Line B: Karlovo nam.) – wine bar/kavarna with lots of underground rooms and cave like tunnels


  • Na Prikope Street – lots of stores
  • Parizska – lots of stores


Some people say this place “isn’t safe.”  That isn’t true!! It is a muslim country so you need to be somewhat judicious.  Everhthing in Morocco you need to BARGAIN!  Everything from a soda to your taxi, when they give you a price just cut it in half.


  • Flying into Marrakech or Casablanca are OK choices. Whatever you do, DO NOT take the boat to Tangier!! If you fly into Casablanca try to do it in the morning, go see Hasaan II (a beautiful mosque) then take the Marrakech Express (a train) which is about two hours to Marrakech. I would only do one flight from Casablanca if it’s that much cheaper.


  • Chez Ali – Arabian Nights theme
  • Cyber Park
  • Dar Si Said – museum of Moroccan arts & crafts
  • Hammam – Les Bains de Marrakech; ISIS spa (not fancy but gets the job done)
  • Jardin Majorelle – world famous gardens owned by Yves Saint Laurent
  • Jemma el Fna – world heritage site, snake charmers, dancing troupe, musicians, fruit juice stalls, even a dentists here; Transforms into restaurants in the evening but still with entertainment; get lost in here for hours
  • Koutoubia Mosque – major landmark
  • Marrakech Tour Bus – tour Marrakeech via open top bus
  • Medersa ben Youssef – former Islamic school
  • Palais el Badii
  • Palais la Bahia – much to see, worth a visit
  • Souks – there are many branching off Jemma el Fna
  • The Mellah – old Jewish quarter
  • The Ramparts of Marrakech
  • Tombeaux Saadian – ancient tombs


  • Dar Yacout – Moroccan food
  • La Jacaranda – French
  • Le Marrakechi – Moroccan food
  • Le Tobsil – Moroccan food
  • La Trattoria – Italian
  • Pizza – Jemma el Square

INTERLAKEN, Switzerland


  • Bike Riding
  • Cable Car ride to the top
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Hand Gliding
  • Ice Climbing
  • Jung Fraeu Mountain
  • Motorinis
  • Skiing
  • Sky Diving
  • Sun Decks


  • Califronia – This is an amazing salad place; the guy and his wife who own it are always high and so it takes them forever to make the food, but it is sooo worth it; it’s amazing
  • Fondue – there is a great fondue place right by Hooters; I am not sure what it is called, but just ask Balmers and they can tell you
  • Goldner Anker – good for dinner
  • Hooters – We went there once; it was typical
  • Thai place right next door to Balmers is not bad



  • Fly through Athens
  • If people tell you that you can take a ferry from Athens to Mykonos DO NOT LISTEN!! The ferry is about 6 hours and there is not a defined schedule until June, so you could be waiting at the port in Athens for hours (they make you wait until the ferry is somewhat full)


  • Beaches – Paradise Beach, Kalo Livadi beach, Lia
  • Mykonos Town
  • Psarou Beach – most beautiful beach we had ever been to; rent lounge chairs/towels for 10 euro (chairs are basically couches); you don’t have to move to get drinks/eat, the people who work there are so nice and can bring you the most amazing iced coffee, fruit, yogurt, margaritas, etc; Nammos restaurant; cute store that sells bathing suits, cover-ups, shoes, bags, etc
  • Main Town of Mykonos – don’t have to waste tiem going during the day because all the stores are open until 11:00 PM; sohosoho, attitudes, free shop, carouszos


  • Nikos
  • Matsuhisa Mykonos – similar to Nobu; located in the Belvedere Hotel
  • Sakis (Kalogera 7, Xora Mykonos) – typical greek food, great gyros


Copenhagen, The Netherlands


  • Book your flight early as it’ll be more expensive


  • Nyhavn houses
  • Mermaid statue
  • Paper Island!
  • Carlsberg Brewery


  • YOU MUST GO TO PAPER ISLAND! It’s a huge food market with tons of options right near Nyhavn. They have every kind of food you can think of, from pizza to falafel to crème Brule doughnuts!
  • Souls – near shopping district, gourmet vegan food

Going Out

  • Butchers: go on Thursday night, very fun and bottomless champagne night, be sure to be respectful to bouncers

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