Thrifty Travel


 I took this from the Arc de Triomphe when I was in Paris – on the cheap!

As I write this, I’m sitting in a town just outside of Madrid, given the fantastic opportunity to study abroad for the semester. I have travelled to 10 countries in a 4 months while maintaining a healthy budget. Below I have posted tips and tricks to spend little while living big while traveling.

  • While packing, focus on clothes and toiletries so you don’t have to buy any while traveling
  • Bring a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go-bottled water is bad for the environment and expensive!
  • Use Skyscanner to book flights and Airbnb for places to stay (be sure to have your browser on safe mode so it can’t track your activity and increase prices)
  • While choosing an Airbnb, try to go in large groups and choose one with a kitchen – a box of rice and can of beans will last you longer and cost less than eating out all the time
  • Look up free activities to do at your destination – hikes, parks, and sights are good options
  • If you are in college, be sure to look into free/reduced prices for museums and landmarks – I got into the Lourve for free with my student visa!
  • Spend money on experiences rather than shopping or eating
  • Walk everywhere and try out the public transportation if necessary – it’ll be an adventure
  • If you can book overnight flights, that’s one less day of lodging you’ll need
  • Make an itinerary beforehand with a rough idea of what you’ll do – the more you have planned, the less likely you’ll be to spend money on a tour or map
  • Check out my guideto traveling Europe if you’re there!

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