Meal Prep Tips


Every Sunday you can find me doing my favorite chore- meal prepping! Getting prepared for the week makes hectic days so much less stressful, and saves you money since I’m never tempted to buy convenience food since I have meals waiting at home. Here is a list of tips, tricks, and hacks to make meal prep simple!

  • Have a meal plan, or at least a rough idea of what you’ll eat everyday, so you know what to prep!
  • Cook a large batch of grains and legumes, make any sauces/dips (like Sriracha), and cut fruits and veggies (and roast them) to prepare for the week
  • Put any foods you need to pack – like breakfast and lunch – in containers so they’re ready to go
  • If you’re nervous a food will get soggy or gross by the end of the week, put aside some time on Wednesday or Thursday to make anything like roasted veggies or meals that may get old – or partially meal prep on Sunday then everyday spend some time cooking them if you have time
  • Invest in a slow cooker! They’re pretty reasonably priced and can save you so much time. Put a meal in to cook while you’re out all day, and come home to a fully prepared meal, or use it to clear up space on your stovetop and oven while meal prepping
  • Save all your food scraps from meal prepping and make them into a veggie stock – no waste, and you can use it to liven up rice or make a soup
  • Invest in metal containers and lunch boxes to store your food – organization is key
  • Look for more tips and tricks from different sites to find the method of meal prep that works for you
  • If you find it all too overwhelming to spend a few hours in the kitchen once a week, try just starting with one meal and work you way up!

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