Packing A Plant-Based Lunch


When starting on my plant-based journey I struggled quite a bit with what to pack in my lunches when I went to class everyday. Sandwiches were tough because whole-wheat sprouted bread is expensive, and making burrito bowls everyday got old. So, I’ve gotten into Bento Boxing my lunches, which means making sort of like snack plate. Below I have a few different vegan lunch inspirations to help you if you get stuck on what to pack!

  • First, here’s instructions on how to pack a vegan, plant-based bento box for lunches!
  • There are even websites dedicated to blogging just about whole-food, plant-based bento boxes
  • Essentially, the trick is packing a grain/starch, veggies, sauce, and fruit! For example, a sweet potato with black beans and avocado topped with salsa and spinach, then a side of strawberries for a sweet ending.
  • Another option is mason jar lunches, which are perfect for salads – just be sure to put the dressing on the bottom and leafy greens on the top so it stays fresh
  • This site has a bunch of bento box ideas, and includes fun shapes in their boxes!
  • Packing lunch can help you attain a waste-free lifestyle
  • Even children’s lunches can be plant-based! This site has a bunch of recipes for kids, or those who are just as picky
  • For an ultra-healthy lunch, a grains lunch like a buddha bowl is a great option
  • Raw vegan lunches can be packed too – just be sure you have enough containers to fit all your food
  • Leftovers can be delicious lunches the next day as well
  • For your lunchbox, metal is the best option since they’re eco-friendly, and using reusable utensils makes your meal waste-free!

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