Rad and Raw Vegan


Raw vegan – what does that mean? It’s a form of veganism where the diet consists of eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables, as well as some nuts and seeds and grains, which are all uncooked or cooked below 118 degrees Fahrenheit (think dehydrator). Although I myself don’t follow the diet, I love incorporating these super healthy foods into my routine. Of course, you’re probably already eating this kind of foods if you’ve ever had a salad, fruit, salsa, or guacamole. Here is a list of resources, recipes, and tips to incorporate these foods into your diet, or even get started with following it, if you’re interested!


  • Start small and work more raw foods into your diet
  • You can find anything you like to eat in raw form – from Queso to Strawberry Shortcake – check out Pinterest for a lot more recipes!
  • A dehydrator, blender, food processor, spiralizer, and juicer can all make the lifestyle easier – you can make crackers, sauces, veggie noodles, etc.
  • This lifestyle can be expensive, so to make it cheap buy in bulk, shop at farmer’s markets, and stick to organic for just the dirty dozen
  • You can still meal prep and pack lunches – just in larger quantities!
  • Since raw food is less calorie-dense, you’re going to eat a lot more, so check out what others eat in a day to get an idea of how much to eat
  • When traveling, juice bars are your friend!




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