If You’re Worried About Soy, You Should Stop Consuming Cow’s Milk

IMG_3800.JPGOne of the predictable comments from others when I tell them that I’m vegan, besides a certain question about my protein of course, is something along the lines of “wow, you should really be careful eating so much soy, it’s so bad for you!” This really confuses me for the following reasons:

  • Being vegan does not mean you eat tofu or soy milk all day everyday, in fact if you’re allergic to soy or not a fan it is more than feasible to be a soy-free vegan
  • There are numerous benefits to eating soy and peer-reviewed studies have found little to no risk in their consumption
  • A common misconception is that soy causes breast cancer and messes with female hormones; a simple google search will reveal that cow’s milk is one of the foods most highly associated with breast cancer, since it contains mammal estrogen from a pregnant cow – so there are even more health dangers associated with cow’s milk
  • In fact, in Asian countries where soy consumption is significantly higher than in the Western world, there are much lower instances of breast cancer than in Western countries. This may be due to a diet higher in vegetables and whole grains as well, but this debunks the breast cancer myth
  • Not only that, it has been shown to decrease rates of ovarian cancer as well
  • Of course, there is still research to be done, so eating soy in moderation, as with all plant-based foods, is probably the best course of actions

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