Compassionate Education


Part of living a cruelty-free lifestyle is finding motivations and reasons to stay vegan. With social pressures, inconvenience, and difficulty with the transition, the recidivism rate of vegetarians and vegans is very high. To combat this, one of the most important steps is educating yourself, but then implementing what you’ve learned in your daily life. Below is a list of educational documentaries related to plant-based or vegan lifestyles, and steps to take everyday to ensure you stay rooted in your compassion.


Action Steps

  • Share some facts about the environmental destruction of animal agriculture
  • Contact your local government officials to ask them to end subsidies of animal agriculture, instead promoting healthful plants
  • Try out a few plant-based recipes
  • Phase out buying of any animal products or byproducts – leather, wool, down, etc.
  • Adopt an animal from a shelter – never a pet store!
  • Take the free, 30 day vegan challenge!
  • Visit a farm animal sanctuary to get to know the animals who had been on your plate
  • Go to a vegan meet-up or vegan drinks near you
  • Make a few raw meals and incorporate more raw foods into your diet
  • Volunteer at a local animal rights organization in whatever area you feel you can best contribute
  • Boycott forms of cruel animal entertainment- such as aquariums, Sea World, zoos, etc.

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