Vegan on a Budget


There is a strange misconception that eating a vegan diet is an elitist and expensive. Sure, if you eat all meat and dairy analogues, that may be the case. But fortunately a whole-foods, plant-based diet is not only optimally healthy and eco-friendly, but can slash your grocery receipt. Check out a few ways to minimize your food budget and still eat healthy, delicious food!

  • Try a meal plan where you can eat vegan on $25 a week for one person, maybe even less!
  • Stick to whole foods- fruits, vegetables, whole grains (rice, quinoa, etc.), legumes (black beans, chickpeas, etc.), nuts, and seeds
  • Be smart about where you shop – try checking out ethnic food stores for staples (like an Asian market for bulk rice) and cheap grocers like Aldi for lower prices
  • Check out bulk bins (which helps you be waste-free if you use reusable bags!)
  • Follow recipes that call for cheap grains and a few veggies, like these cheap meals
  • Use the following bases of each meal, adding whatever foods you like: Breakfast – oatmeal; Lunch – potato; Dinner – rice
  • Go to farmer’s markets for cheaper produce, and try to get the slightly bruised or mushy produce for cheaper prices
  • If organic is too expensive, buy concentional and use this homemade produce wash
  • Try this super saver $1.50 a day budget challenge! It’s a challenge for sure and not really sustainable, but a great way to push your thrifty food budget to its limit.

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