Buddha Bowls


One of the new healthy food fads, buddha bowls, is something I am fully in support of. Usually one to roll my eyes at articles featuring home-brewing techniques for kombucha or the latest plant that’s going to make you into supermodel in a week, I like to stay away from health trends and focus on simple, whole-foods. But, sometimes the trends get it right, like with zoodles or bento boxes, so I jump on board! Buddha bowls prove the exception as well, since they’re so easy to veganize, simple to make, and versatile!

Why are they called Buddha Bowls? I have to imagine it has to do with one of the tenets of Buddhism and a concept really popular with vegans called ahimsa. Ahimsa essentially means do no harm unto others, but really means “when I hurt others, I hurt myself, since we are all one.” A little hippy-dippy, but if you’re following a compassionate lifestyle by eating cruelty-free and caring for the planet, it probably speaks to you. Buddha bowls are made to be vegan, made of the following ingredients, placed in the bowl in the following order:

  1. Whole Grains (rice, quinoa, bulgur, raw cauliflower rice, etc.)
  2. Leafy Greens (spinach, kale, arugula, etc.)
  3. Veggies (roasted potatoes, raw carrots, pickled onions, tomatoes, etc.)
  4. Legumes (spiced chickpeas, black bean salsa, falafels, etc.)
  5. Sauce (guacamole, tzatziki, hummus, soy sauce, etc.)

I’ve compiled a list of all types of different Buddha Bowls below for inspiration, but feel free to mix and match with whatever you enjoy or have on hand!


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