Spotlight: Vegan Greek Food


A view of Oia, Santorini just before its famously beautiful sunset

My obsession with Greek food runs deeps; I grew up hearing my mom’s stories of her month spent in Greece with her best friend, eating Greek salads and fresh pita everyday. Then, when I was studying abroad, I had the opportunity to go to Athens and Santorini – all I have to say is that it lived up to the hype. I ingredients were so fresh, a simple tomato or cucumber was incredible! I tried everything from dolmades to eggplant dip, ending everyday with a slice of amazing baklava! The foods complimented a plant-based lifestyle perfectly, with an emphasis on fresh produce and legumes. So, inspired by the incredible food (not to mention views!) on my trip, I’ve created a list of traditional Greek recipes, and some innovative ones – all plant-based vegan – for you to enjoy!




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