Minimizing Expenses


There are a two ways to financial freedom, through making enough money to cover all expenses or to minimizing your daily costs. To make a bunch of money, you have to dedicate your life to working long hours in a job you may not enjoy, but by minizming expenses and living below your means you can avoid debt and significant costs without having to make a certain amount of money. Although living a frugally vegan lifestyle is important, frugality goes beyond grocery shopping wisely and avoiding convenience foods. Check out articles concerning different aspects of a budget below to make your expense as low as possible to live without debt or high living costs. You can decide how much you want to commit, whether you want to completely dedicate yourself to frugality or just take a few steps to lower your expenses.

  1. Housing: finding alternative housing options that is both sustainable and economical is key to financial freedom. Certain homes can be made to be self-sustaining, removing the burden of electric or water bills. Although this step is more drastic than others, it is one of the few ways to truly reach financial freedom.
  2. Shopping: reduce, reuse, and recycle your clothes, furniture, and any other products you may need! Not only is it ethical and eco-friendly to shop smartly, but also saves significant money. By avoiding unnecessary purchases, second-hand shopping, or investing in reusable products; you cut your expenses down significantly.
  3. Food: you know my stance on food, vegan is the way to go! Not only is it more compassionate, but also cheaper if you stick to whole foods. Follow these meal prep tips and meal plans under $25  to decrease grocery expenses, and even try some gardening.
  4. Health: act preventively and cut down on healthcare costs by investing in your health now. By following plant-based nutrition you can avoid (and even sometimes reverse) diseases, saving on healthcare!
  5. Minimalism: avoiding unnecessary purchases and rejecting materialism and clutter leads to lower expenses. Try out a few embracing minimalism in your everyday life.
  6. Travel: think saving money means you can’t go on vacation? Think again! By following these thrifty travel tricks, like using Skyscanner and finding free activities at your destination, you can explore new places without spending too much!
  7. Eco-Friendly Frugality: sometimes frugal means being environmentally-friendly! Tips like ditching your car for a bike may seem like much, but other practices like replanting foods or using reusable items can really help not only the earth, but also your wallet.
  8. Companion Animals: although I love cutting expenses, having a companion animal is definitely worth the price! If you have a dog, but find store-bought dog food a little pricey, check out how to feed your dog a plant-based diet and make your own!
  9. Entertainment: finding free activities like hiking and swimming are perfect forms of entertainment (not to mention exercise) that don’t cost a dime! Try hosting parties or potlucks instead of going out to eat with friends, and check out more things to do instead of spending money.
  10. Education: a huge expense for a lot of families is education. Although it’s controversial, look into alternative forms of education to find affordable and maybe even more beneficial forms of education.

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