Why I’m Quitting Drinking


  • I’ll save money! Buying an overpriced $10 drink at the bar is not part of frugality, and even drinking frugally (read:pregaming) is just another expense, especially when you could be using that $10 for almost half your grocery budget!
  • I’ll feel better! Alcohol is dehydrating and hurts your organs. Even a glass of supposedly-healthy red wine has carcinogens, and if you binge-drink you’ll end up falling and hurting yourself more.
  • I’ll have better memories! Not remembering is the worst part of drinking a lot, so I can remember more of the fun times with friends if I abstain.
  • I’ll be fitter! No one feels like working out when they’re hungover. Less drinking=more running. Not to mention late night munchies when I may find myself eating a bunch of oreos!
  • I’ll be smarter! I’m not sure if you really do lose brain cells while drinking, but I know that the head fog is real. Especially the next day when i have to write a paper, drinking inhibits creativity and cognition. No thanks!
  • I’ll be relaxed! Have you ever had that panicky feeling of not knowing where your wallet is after a night of drinking? Or combing over what events transpired trying to figure out if you embarrassed yourself? Well, for something that’s supposed to relax you, drinking seems to be more of a hassel than it’s worth.
  • I’ll have more free time! Staying up until 2 AM (or in Spain 6AM) means you wake up around noon the next day. Rather than waste half the day sleeping, now I can spend it doing things I want to do!

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