Vegan Things I Love Right Now


Hey everyone! As I’ve been getting into my summer groove, I’ve started really getting into some new vegan media, movies, foods, etc. So, every month or so, I want to do a “vegan things I love right now” post where I can present some things that I’ve been liking. Enjoy!


A short movie (about an hour) this mockumentary is hilarious, saddening, educational, and uplifting all at the same time. It takes place in the future, 2067, when all of Britain has become vegan, and the public are reluctant to acknowledge the horrendous past of meat-eating and animal exploitation. It then reflects on animal agriculture, the problems with the different industries, and how society moved away from the industries. Things I loved about the movie was the focus using love and acceptance to persuade people to transition to plant-based diets, and the example of how beautiful life could be in a totally vegan word. I believe people in Europe can watch it on BBC, people in other parts of the world can youtube it and find it on there.

Bonny Rebecca

Sometimes if I don’t feel like watching a full netflix episode or movie, I watch little youtube videos before I go to bed. I found out about Bonny Rebecca through one of recipes on Forks Over Knives (No Fry Rice). Her positive energy, intersectional approach to veganism, Australian accent, and yummy recipes = my new favorite youtuber! She is also on Instagram and Tumblr, but I love her youtube videos the most. Check them out!

What the Health

I’m sure if you have any friends in the plant-based community, or follow any vegans on social media, you know what big hype this documentary received. It’s available on the website for $13 – and it’s seriously worth it! One of my friends showed it to her boyfriend (who had seen Earthlings, Forks Over Knives, etc. and wasn’t that affected) and he’s now moving toward a plant-based diet! It focuses on the corruption within government organizations and health firms, who often make diet and health recommendations based on sponsors rather than science and facts. A great film to show to anyone on the fence about becoming vegan, or to educate your plant-based friends!

This Penne with Tomato Mushroom Sauce with Cashew Ricotta

You can tell from a lot of my recipe posts that Forks Over Knives is my absolute favorite recipe site (I even bucked up and bought the $2 app!), so of course I have to include what I’m eating for dinner. I made a little bit of a twist on the penne recipes in this week’s meal plan, but added cashew ricotta as well to really put the flavor over the top! It’s so creamy and cheesy, I get excited to eat it for dinner everyday!

This Cheese is Nuts

One of the podcasts I listen to regularly is Rich Roll’s podcast, and his wife Julie Piatt just released a book full of different cheese spreads, dips, and balls. I’m really excited to order the book and try out a few of the recipes, like Brie and Mozzarella, that I have a hard time finding on Pinterest. Check out one of the recipes from the book, Smoked Almond Cheddar!



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