Different Ways of Being Vegan

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There is a lot of division in the vegan community, coming from different philosophies about ways of eating and methods of advocating for the lifestyle. Instead of creating a divide between the different sections of the plant-based community, we should look at the various methods of eating vegan as different options to encourage a wider range of people to follow the lifestyle. Personally, the closest to my method of eating on this list is Whole Foods Plant-Based, but I try not to restrict myself to arbitrary rules, rather making them guidelines that I follow majority of the time, with a once-in-a-while indulgence. There are so many philosophies behind the way we eat, check out the list below for ones that may interest you, and resources too!


Someone who abstains from animal products to the best of their ability, in order to avoid harming others and create a more peaceful society.


Someone who reduces their consumption of animal products over time, adding more plant-based foods into their diet, to move to a completely vegan lifestyle gradually.

Mostly Vegan

Someone who eats vegan most of the time, maybe eating vegetarian when out to eat or still eating one food group, like cheese, while transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Whole Foods Plant Based

Someone whose diet consists of beans, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, a healthy version of eating vegan similar to HCLF, but with more dietary allowances. One particular avoidance of this lifestyle is that of oils.

High Carb Low Fat (or 80/10/10)

Someone who eats 80% carbohydrates, with 10% coming from fat and the other 10% from protein. These individuals usually eat similar to raw vegans, except can eat cooked foods such as potatoes, legumes, etc.

 Raw Vegan

Someone who eats vegan, but all food is uncooked or cooked below 118 degrees fahrenheit. Normally these individuals ingest an abundance of fruits and veggies, with less nuts and seeds.




3 thoughts on “Different Ways of Being Vegan”

  1. I greatly appreciate this having run into some people who were critical of my imperfect veganism. I firmly believe that encouragement works much better than criticism and have made a lot of progress moving from not eating mammals for 40 years to being completely vegan during the church season of lent. Now, I’m much closer to being vegan than ever before.


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