Fighting Systematic Animal Abuse


This post was extremely difficult to write, since there is so much information, misinformation, and aspects of institutional animal abuse. In government-sponsored animal testing, animal agricultural subsidies, and quasi-governmental groups such as the Egg Board (all of which apply to the US). With all these different aspects of systematic abuse, it may seem like individual action is a little hopeless, but just the opposite is true! Dairy is decliningpeople are buying less meat, and various companies are implementing animal reform due to individual, community, or grass-roots operations. So, in conjunction with boycotting or reducing animal product consumption, we can also make systematic changes that benefit the environment, human health, and of course the welfare of farmed animals. This creates the greatest change, and moves along the inevitable overthrow of these archaic, destructive systems!

  • Educate yourself about governmental subsidization of unhealthy foods, such as the almost $38 billion tax-payer dollars spent on the meat and dairy industry annually. Additionally, the government spends about $550 million tax-payer dollars annually on creating propaganda for these industries. If you would like to know more, the book Meatonomics contains a plethora of information; and to make a change, sign this petition and contact your local congressperson about the issue through this link, telling them  you don’t appreciate your tax-dollars going to this industry!
  • Learn about government-funded animal testing done on dogs, pigs, rodents, and monkeys. Each year about 32 billion dollars is spent on funding experiments on college campuses, research facilities, and governmental sectors; ranging from heinous acts such as forcing dogs to vomit incessantly, to using pigs in defense training by shooting them, blowing them up, and so on. But, don’t we need these tests to help humans? No, “the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports that 92% drugs that pass animal tests fail in human trials because they don’t work or are dangerous. Each drug represents about a decade of wasted time and $2 billion down the drain” (source). Sign this petition and contact your local government officials through this form.
  • Follow animal rights or vegan media, to keep up to date on other ways to fight against systematic abuse and corruption, such as the government Egg Board scandal where governmental employees threatened to kill the CEO of Hampton Creek, an egg-free mayonnaise and other foods creator. Also, movies such as Conspiracy and What the Health do great jobs of uncovering corruption and collusion within nonprofits and governmental organizations that supposedly promote health and eco-friendly practices.

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