Plant-Based On-The-Go


One of the trickier questions to answer when people ask about eating plant-based is how to navigate traveling. There is a bit of compromise, whether it’s eating at a chain restaurant, purchasing an item with oil, or packing foods that are plant-based but not as clean as you would like them. It also depends on the situation, because it’s much easier to pack for an all-day excursion than a weekend away. As a *frugal* vegan, I’m more apt to packing every meal, so here are some tips and recipes below!


  • Plan according to your situation. If you’re going on a road trip, bring a large cooler and snack bag, filled with some of the recipes from below, or use Happy Cow to find a healthy option to stop at. If you’re going on vacation, try to get an Airbnb with a kitchen or at least microwave.
  • Snack bars are lifesavers! I personally like Cliff Bars, which aren’t the healthiest or waste-free, but you can also make your own. Pair with some home-made trail mix of dried fruit, nuts, granola, and seeds to make sure you won’t get hangry.
  • Always have a reusable water bottle. Always! I’m not squeamish about drinking tap from even a bathroom sink, but even if that’s not your thing you can cut down on the amount of water bottles you buy with a reusable one and a keen eye for water fountains.
  • If road-tripping for a few days, stay away from coolers, unless you plan on eating them the first day. This is somewhat obvious, but you don’t want to rely on food that may spoil.
  • Pack the basics and a few sauces to mix it up. The perfect idea would be a large box of rice, some cans of beans, and salsa, harissa, soy sauce, hot sauce, whatever sauce you like! These can provide simple meals with some variety, maybe check out a farmer’s market in your destination to add in some veggies!
  • Stick to simplicity. Relying on classic vegan meals may not be the most healthful, but it can be more portable. For example, I’m going to visit a friend for the weekend soon, so I’ll be packing a loaf of Ezekiel bread, jelly, almond butter, a box of pasta, a can of tomato sauce, oats, cliff bars, and nuts. For breakfast I’ll have oats or a bar, for lunch a PB&J, then dinner pasta. Easy!








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