The Best Buddha Bowl

Full disclosure, this recipe is inspired by Bonny Rebecca, my favorite vegan Youtuber at the moment!


This bowl is fueling, savory, full of complex flavor, and so simple to make! It can literally be done in 15 minutes, which I will describe below!


1 sweet potato

1 block firm tofu

1 bunch of kale

Tamari or Braggs


Nutritional yeast

Sesame seeds

Ground pepper


Garlic powder



Minute 1-5: Preheat oven to 400 degrees F, cut up sweet potato, and pop into oven covered with paprika and pepper to bake for 15 minutes

Minute 6-8: Marinate tofu with tamari/braggs, sesame seeds, pepper, and sesame seeds and let marinate for a few minutes

Minute 8-10: De-stem kale and steam it in a nonstick pan with water. After a few minute, put into buddha bowl, topped with nutritional yeast and pepper

Minute 10-13: In the same pan, cook the marinated tofu until crispy and place into buddha bowl

Minute 13-15: Remove sweet potatoes from oven and place in buddha bowl, topping with salsa



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