Giving Back


An important part of evolving to be a more authentic version of yourself is contributing to your community, finding a cause that you feel passionate about, and giving back as much as possible. Not only will this obviously benefit those you are serving, but also make you happierwealthier, and certainly will give you good karma. There are tons of various ways to give back, and it doesn’t have to be volunteering or serving in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter (although those are certainly great things to do!). Below is a list of different ways to give back, find what’s best for you!


Raise Consciousness

  • My Slavery Footprint : learn about modern slavery, how it effects you, and what you can do to combat it
  • Spent : understand what it’s like to survive poverty, then donate by giving your name to items that are needed by those living low-income
  • Mercy for Animals : a top animal rights organization that will help you educate your community about factory farming



  • The Humane League’s Fast Action Network : a network that emails you opportunities to help
  • White Coat Waste Project : an organization that allows you to contact your local congressperson to end wasteful government experimentation on animals
  • Peta2 App : an app that allows you to make social media actions, email businesses, and do more to help animals (you can earn points with actions to get free stuff too!)

Shop Smart


2 thoughts on “Giving Back”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing all of this! It is so important we all serve in whatever ways we can and you make it so accessible to those not knowing where to start or how to get involved. This is great!!


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